Thursday, December 6, 2012

work. tired. coffee. repeat.

what a week! im not quite as bad as the chick below...shit, get cho' self together girl! but, i am tired!
ive started drinking coffee 2x per day now...though the second cup is a tall from sbux and i usually only get through half. per usual with me, i think its more of a habit than a need. ah well, long ass days are better with coffee. i mean really, isnt everything better with coffee? yea, i thought so.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012



best friends. are the greatest. especially mine.

i have a tendency to get super excited about things (sometimes they fall through and sometimes i get dissapointed), but its better to have gotten excited and lost then to never have gotten....wait, do i have that wrong??! whatever. its fun to get excited is my point.


my excited of the moment? manhattan half marathon on january 27th with bestie dowd!! YES! YES! YES!i anticipate a sleepover with flickey as well. ohhh life couldnt get better than that.