Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sorry bloggie!

i dont really have a great reason/excuse as to why i wasnt blogging except for the fact that i wasnt really feeling it these past few weeks. a little time off is always necessary in life no matter what we do though, no?! so i guess thats what ill call it.

july 4th is this weekend and i cant believe it. i moved out here 11 months ago. that is nuts!! with one month to go on my lease, i am in serious thinking mode about my next step. so far its involved lots of tears, lots of stress, lots of chocolate and and lots of late night amazing convos with my besties. yep, pretty much the norm :) thanks guys for all the support (team hilary is incredible and i couldnt survive without you). xoxo

thanks mom

…for always being my number one fan.  from cheering me on at intramural soccer games, to letting me join you in aerobic classes, to driving us all over the northeast playing select soccer you never missed a chance to tell me you were proud of me.
…for teaching me to to be independent and adventurous.  i know it sucks that i keep moving around the country and always seem to be living 3,000 miles away, swinging through town only for whirlwind holiday visits or quick weekends.  know that home is always in my heart, even if we don’t see each other nearly as much as we should. (that is going to change. ha!)
…for reading my blog.  and commenting. :)   i have had several people mention how cool it is that you do that.  thanks for being a member of my little community here.
...for being my mom. i know its not easy being a mom to a growing women. we are complicated (understatement?!), but i just want you to know that its really special to me that you support me no matter what i decide. 
...for helping me grieve, grow and learn how to live life. you not only let me look to you for help and advice, you encourage it. you never pounce on me in moments of weakness or confusion, you laugh at them with me.
so, thank you. i mean it. really: thank you. i cant wait to see you soon, FINALLY! i love you so much bestie. xoxo