Thursday, February 28, 2013

seems to be my life pattern these days, doesnt it?! haha!

this past sunday i ran another half marathon...the inaugural central park 1/2. while 127th place overall (127 out of 1500+) and a time of 1:44 (7:57/mile) does make me proud, this one felt HARD

one of my favorite things (and i guess least favorite if im really being honest) of being a runner is that you never really know what kind of run youre going to have on any given day.

take any two days in a row that you run: you could eat literally the same things, sleep the same amount and at the same hours, have exactly the same weather, wear the exact same outfit and listen to the exact same playlist and your two runs will be different. take the next two images for example....


both of these guys set out with the same goals; run hard and finish strong! along the way they experienced varying degrees of success. ill be honest, that first image haunted me as i was training for my first marathon and something i kept in the back of my head is i ran my first 26.2

running takes mental toughness. while its obviously a physical sport, its the mental aspect of it that separates competitive runners with casual runners.

i have officially registered for my next half. i will be running the allstate half on march 23, 2013 in flushing meadows (anyone else sick of running in central park!??! #spoilednycrunnerproblems). im on par to do a half every month

Friday, February 22, 2013


its friday which i can pretty much assume means youre tired, excited for the work day to be over, blurry-eyed and shaking due to a bit too much coffee. oh just me? doubt it. for these reasons, prepare for an ode to the kinds of things that keep me going.

have fun
it may be a little cheesy but its true. its hard to do all of these things, but thats the point. all things in life that are hard are worth it. i swear.

weve all been there. im definitely getting better at this

running quote | Tumblr

If you don't...
sometimes the simplest reminders are always the most powerful. its easier to want to hold back or stay in your "safe place" than take a risk and put yourself out there...dont.

and when in doubt, just remember this:
Well? Don't they?

2013: a year in review. so far

today is february 22nd. we are already almost 2/12 of the way through 2013. i realize that line may sound uber cheesy, but seriously, time fucking flies.

2013 has definitely been a cool year. hard, confusing, sad and stressful, but certainly cool. parts of it have also been special, funny, amazing and sweet. all of that emotion in 2 months? hey man, im a girl. were dramtaic.

go for it!!

ive got high hopes for the rest of the year. there are a few running races in the books, with more to be added im sure. there will be some heading to see my besties in chicago and boston and bro in NC to name a few. im hoping there is a trip to somewhere warm in the near future...i have no interest in resembling a vampire...that shit has been overexposed already.

the moment hasnt happened to me yet where i go to my bank account and theres an accidental million dollars. regardless i take my dads advice to heart..."hil, never miss an opportunity you really want simply because of money". look, i know, its easy for someone to say that when they are financially comfortable (like he was) but its a lesson i always took with me,and one he deliberately knew he was making. i dont have millions...but i do make an effort to do most (i mean i cant do it all) of the things i want to do because its important. i even do some things that may not seem logical/smart/ flying to california or wherever else my life is bound to take me. i dont care...if everything i did was 100% thought out and stayed inside the box i would never go anywhere or do anything. obvs im not not out shopping for designer duds and louboutins...but i am open to take risks and enjoy life. i should moonlight as a preacher, no?

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 so there ya have it smart, but be fun. ha :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i dont even know.

life in the big apple? its good. my mind? its been surfing in LA since friday.
my coworker has been talking about setting me up with her boyfriends roommate in LA for a while. sadly he couldnt make it to NYC for NYE so this past weekend when she was in cali visiting the bf we finally skyped/met and ive officially been distracted ever since.

ok, wait. i officially got distracted again. one of my besties just emailed me asking if i wanted to run the chicago marathon with her. holy fuck! i dont know if ive got that much crazy in me. do i?! i mean, if she and i flew to chicago to run this together that might just be one of the coolest things ever. i think im going to mentally explode.

ok, so thank god for run club tonight. despite my knee acting really shitty and being weird, ive got some motherfucking stress/excitement/crush butterflies/too much coffee in my blood to run out!

blood pressure is at 2080290392039209302930293092!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

take 2...the second of many!

may 18th or 19th...its happening again! dowd + hilary will conquer another 13.1

we will be running the premier race in the Borough of Kings, the Brooklyn Half-Marathon

 ready. set. RUN!

edited to add: we are officially NOT running the race above. instead we have crazily decided we might run the chicago marathon instead. holy hell.

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happy valentines day everyone!!!

Photo: spreading the love with @jayguzi @ericaizenberg. happy valentines day!! ❤