Wednesday, August 29, 2012

one day...whaaat?!

its finallllly here!! BK and i will finally be having our reunion!! to show our excitement, i have included pics.

equally dorky. its going to be fabulous!

Monday, August 27, 2012

youre really coming through bro

ive looked up to my brother my whole life. i mean, whats not to love; hes older, hes stronger, he has cute friends and he loves to hang with me.

most recently he signed up to run the philly marathon with me. for the better part of the past 7 years weve done various races together of various distances. since the passing of our dad theyve only become more special.

i received a text from big B the other day just making sure i was safe in lieu of the empire state building shooting. it meant so much to me.

ive been a lucky little sister for the past 28 years. thanks bro for always being such an inspiration to me and a real example of a stellar dude. i am counting down to what i already know will be a spectacular weekend in philly. cant wait to make some memories. in the meantime, texts, chats and emails spoil me rotten. i love you so much!!

love, little G

Sunday, August 26, 2012

come on man.

so, yea, my foot is fucked up. for the past week ive been dealing with what feels like a severe bruise on the top of my foot. no idea what i did. NO IDEA! im going to try and sneak out tomorrow to get it xrayed. dear jesus, please be healable. i need a break...whats with all these issues?!

hope to have some good news when i update.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


had a great cry tonight. i dont know what it is about the movie "the last song" but it gets me every time. wait, what am i saying? the whole dad dying thing hits so close to home that it crushes me every time. look, i know its miley cyrus, but try to look past that. also, greg kinnear reminds me a teeny bit of my dad. must be the good-looking awesomeness.

god i really miss my dad. i feel like i havent really talked about it in a while. my cry tonight felt especially fantastic for a few reasons:

- things have been so weird/stressful at work and i kept thinking that the one dude that would be so loving my phone calls was my dad
- the feeling of needing to cry has been felt at the back of my throat for a few weeks now. i do a hell of a job being strong, but sometimes i just cant be bothered with that and feel the need to let the wall come down.

all i know is this: the cry felt good, but it reminded me how much i miss him. it reminded me of the fragility of life, something i was already all too well aware of. it reminded me that there isnt anyone like my dad. and all of that is ok, but its just a lot to remember :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

13a midtown manhattan

home is a hell of a lot sweeter these days. our new roomies are in, unpacked and getting comfy. its been so much fun hanging out with them...i LOVE them. its sad that its not sad our old roomies are gone.

we hired a pro to deep clean the apt...she spent all day making it sparkle. (LITERALLY. ALL.DAY). our old roomies had been in an ongoing stand off for the last few months on who could give less of a shit. so, yea, that was cool. however, it now smells like roses and i no longer fear getting the type of fugal infection they only see in the depths of south african rainforests. yes, it was that bad. and for $40 id say it was money WELL spent. 

hmm, lets see, where are we with the important countdowns:
- BK is here in 10 days. or is it 9 days? fuck, one of those.
- marathon in 3 months minus 3 days. yea, you do the math on that one, im tired