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can you believe its already july 2nd?!

i mean really, time freakin flies. already july 4th weekend...craziness. anyone doing anything fun/exciting/different/lazy?! hopefully all :) i know my dad will be up there having a hot dog :)

another thing i cant believe...the SF half marathon is right around the corner. it feels like so long ago that we talked about doing this. its going to be so great to meet up with gamma jane and aunt martha and kelley and her friend katie (who i email with about all sorts of stuff) and hang out, check out the city, etc. i think were going to a cute italian restaurant saturday night just to all be together, and the race is early AM on sunday. drew will be flying home to b-dub on monday, while i am flying to LA where i will be crashing with craig dewey for the week while i check out some apartment complexes and hopefully have some job interviews. craaaazy!?!?

i am moving back out west. its so funny cause i feel like ive been crying wolf in terms of me moving and working and living. i think a lot of …