Friday, April 13, 2012

how is it already april 13th!

i cant believe its time to already begin thinking about lease renewal!! our lease is up July 1, and with the rumor of a rent increase we thought about our options: stay put and just accept that NYC rent is ridiculous, or put ourselves through hell finding something else. i am not exaggerating: moving in NYC is hell. i  believe there is actually a rule somewhere that says you must sell your soul and sign away your first born when you sign a lease here. true story.

if there is one thing that isn't fun in NYC...its moving. narrow stairs, small rooms, etc all make it extra difficult to maneuver moving. for about 2 minutes the thought of moving sounded fun. maybe a bigger room or a "cooler" neighborhood! after a chat with Janine i decided i didn't give a fuck if NY mag declared my neighborhood "it" or not. i absolutely adore living with Janine and am having so much fun with her...we could live outside and i have no doubt we'd laugh for hours.

i am about 99% sure Pramila is moving out, which leaves room for either Tania to return or Sara to join. amazing news either way. so there you have it...apt 13a will be my home for another year...and i couldnt be happier about it. (yes, thats typically my view at night. kinda makes you not care if you run into about 1000000000 tourists doesnt it?! ok, yea, sometimes is still super annoying, but this city is fucking amazing). im not jaded yet. cheers to never getting over nyc. its not possible.