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Dear Single Women of NYC: It’s Not Them, It’s You. The plight of the single lady

My years of New York City dating—if you’re counting, there have been 12—have involved a lot of guys, short- and long- and mid-term. My longest relationship lasted two years. My shortest—minus the one-off hookups that we all know aren’t “dates” at all—was somewhere in the range of two weeks. There have been certifiable crazies, like the Eastern European fellow who broke my bedroom window in a fit of rage and told me not to complain that he’d broken my “fucking window.” There was the Jersey boy who worked in women’s handbags; fond memories involve him drunk-puking at the Hilton, then giggling hysterically, running, and “hiding” our soiled comforter in front of someone else’s door down the hall. There was the super-successful corporate honcho with a cardboard box for a nightstand. The best friend with whom I had zero sexual attraction. The self-described “bi-coastal but not in a gay way” guy who didn’t come h…

thank GOD its friday

no really. im not sure id make it another day this week.

lets start from the top. it was a really long/busy day at the office. ill save my office bitching for later (it is, afterall, friday, and theres cooler stuff to talk about). i headed home and grabbed some grub while trying my darndest to look decent to hit the bar. i got peer pressured into hitting the town last night (thats my story and im sticking to it), so i couldnt say no.

basically, nyc really doesnt sleep. its normal to be at a bar until 4am, 7am...hell, you could probably sleep there if you asked. im sure itd be the least weird question theyve ever gotten!

janine, richard and i headed into town to a bar called the breslin. its pretty amazingly awesome. its attached to a hotel/lounge and another bar on the other side...basically adjoining cooool bars. we stayed in the middle, and grabbed seats at the table...HUGE community table where tons of people were hanging out/chatting/eating. richard ordered bottle service and we …

random hello

happy its thursday. wishin it was friday. planning to meet a bunch o' friends out tonight because peer pressure still happens. haha.

should be cool though. ive heard really cool things abut this place...the breslin.
ill keep you posted about the rest of the weekend...were hitting some other pretty cool spots.

ta ta! back to work we go :)


today is day 8 of work (the 6th day of me being on my own). id like to think i do a good job. i know i work hard and do my best...and as my dad always said, thats all i can do.

i am meeting with HR today to discuss perm positions. i was hired as a temp, but i want to explore perm opportunities. i think i fit in, and could do a really good job. fingers crossed. of course updates will come later today.

weekend was great with mom, drew, uncle dwight, aunt kathie and crew. didnt sleep enough and ate too much...but i loved every minute of it. of course we would have killed for the spring weather we had a few days ago, but alas, it was about 2 degrees.

it snowed yesterday. what?!?!? stop! winter, you are over. please move on.
i think its supposed to be a pretty chilly, gross week. awesome.

in other news i have got to go. im getting ADD and need to get back to work. bye bye

a few more isms

hey, its ok! not consider lust a particularly deadly sin. or pride. or even sloth. shout, "I am not!" when he claims you're hormonal. start your to-do list with a task you've already done. tell your family that you met your current boyfriend through mutual friends and leave out the fact that those friends were Bud and Weiser. begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M. smirk when you see the big, tough guys at your gym tripping on the elliptical machine. demand to be taken off speakerphone. RSVP without a plus-one.

are you sitting there with a smile on your face? are you thinking of things you would add to the list? i hope so. these types of lists are super addicting and help make light of a very busy, stressful day.

one of my own

hey its ok! love sporting yoga pants whenever possible, and not at all loving actually doing yoga. i think my dad ingrained it in my head that working out is running, or the like. i think my bro shares my opinion on this. not feel like yourself until youve worked out. running, sweating, or lifting weights makes me feel good, and helps me earn and keep my self esteem. i think its so important to do what you need to do for yourself. i LOVE to sweat. (too bad work gets in the way, haha) love to be single and independent,...but still want a snuggle buddy on sunday nights need to talk to mom at least once a day...even when you are 27. that goes for all family...i need to text, chat or email friends and family constantly to know they are safe, and find out whats new. either that, or i stop by. have i mentioned how awesome it is to live 3 blocks from my best friend. yea, its kinda great.

...if you and your bestie think dinner is guac and chips with a glass of vino eve…

pretty excited about it

friday, that is.
but i gotta tell you, some crazy shit happened this morning.

lets start from the beginning. i got on the subway and was heading uptown. transfered trains as normal (being shoved, pushed and all that nonsenes, per usual). second stop on train we made the usual stop at 14th street/union square. since a zillion people are both trying to get on and off the train at the same time before the door shut, theres a lot of shoving, yelling and all around new-yorkiness as you can imagine. all of a sudden this man half falls between the platform and subway car (his one leg slipped while the other was sorta inside the subway car). i have never heard a woman scream so heniously in all my life. (just to paint the picture, id like to point out that she was about 5', and latino. she was sassy!). anyway, it was pretty scary...and the dude was pretty hurt. he played it off, as subways dont he got pulled back in the car, and off we went.

ok, next stop is 42nd street. i get …

where in the world in hilary kelley?!

back to blogging! its been like 5 years, no?!

ive been happily living in brooklyn for 4 months now. WOW! its amazing how fast it goes. winter has proven itself to be pretty insane in the city, but i really am loving it. even being without heat for 4 days (still not sure what happened) or so cold i want to scream, or having to walk through 6 feet of snow because noone was able to come out and plow, or deal with the 6 weeks of trash buildup out front of my apartment cause trash couldnt get by....all these things make me adaptable. and laugh at the craziness of ny life.

aside from that, being shoved around subways every morning as i transfer trains, learning what it really means to have NO personal space....EVER, and becoming a solid  new yorker with the walking speed of 5555 miles per hour are all becoming part of my daily life.

there are moments at the end of a long days work (work! more on that later!!) when all i want to do is head home and relax. just eat dinner and watch tv...sen…