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today is friday

thank god. sometimes weeks are just long, sometimes they are stressful, sometimes they are annoying and relentless and boring. sometimes all of the above. and sometimes its just fun to look forward to friday cause you get to do things other than work at the office. even if thats getting gas in your car, groceries or watching tv. if you find yourself a little bit frazzled this week, please enjoy the picture below. it brought a smile to my face this morning, and will, no doubt, do the same for you.

GOD, that is just the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its cool, if i werent me id want to steal my identity too.

"hello, this is wells fargo. we have been deemed recent activity on y our account to be fraudelent. if you could please call us back, that would be great"

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!? yea, i called back immediately. (i dont pick up my phone at work unless its uber important...and yes, calls from mom are uber important, so this call went unanswered. at first. i saw i got a voicemail...hmm, weird number and a i listened. and heard that my account looked fishy). now, if theres one thing about me, its this: i am not that super annoying person who looks at every penny of her statement versus what she records. yes, after having worked at a bank, i will tell you, if this is you, its really annoying. remain extremely on top of what you spend/make. just not to a crazy, obsessive, to-the-penny OCD level.

before all the weird charges even got to my account, they jumped on it. i am super impressed with wells fargo, and will toast with a celebratory glass of wine wh…

the company you keep says a lot about you...

i LOVE my friends. this past weekend was yet another ridiculous example of why i love my crew. we met up at craigs around 9. not going to lie, i approached the night as though i was going to head home around midnight...get a good sleep and wake up bright-eyed on sunday. haha. ohh sometimes i really can be naiive, huh?!

anyway, got to craigs, we tackled beer. we played violent video games (killing each other in heinous ways), and got a little to nuts with board games. this crew is not afraid to make penis jokes, sex, gross situations, violence or teenage humor a part of the night. (part of what is so god damn funny and made my stomach hurt so bad!). needless to say we got pretty drunk and didnt make it "out out"...but we all had the funniest, most ridiculous time trying to one-up each other at various games. round 2 will come soon. i havent laughed so hard in the longest time. im talking tears-down-your-face laughing. i made it home after 3. at least i think.


over to the dark side...

well, ive really been brunette for a while now. 2008, i believe is when i started. but i went SUPER dark on saturday. were talking the addition of subtle hints of purple. i blame my hair restlessness on not really knowing where i stand in life. i was having life pangs to go darker. but now i wonder if i like me better with dirty blond/brown hair that looks like it got hit by the sun. the thing is, as ive gotten older, my features (see: eye brows) have really gotten dark. however, i look back fondly at pictures when i was a kid and i was pretty cute. there was a phase there where i really was pretty cute. not sure what happened. wish i could go back there...haha oh man.

happy tuesday all :)

did you feel the love?

ahh yes, valentines day. the day where we feel pressure to wow the pants off those we love. its the greatest day for 10 year spend the day in school decorating boxes and giving candy to the boys and girls you secretly crush on every day. you give out candy hearts that say exactly what you want to convey. "i heart you" becomes okay to say to the silly little boy you sit across from without feeling shy or vulnerable. i mean, its valentines day, its ok to flirt!

nowadays people have taken the simplicity out of it. you MUST make reservations at the trendiest restaurant, receive the biggest bouquet of flowers, get chocolate, get breakfast in bed, get a diamond, go on vacation, get proposed to, go to the moon and get a puppy. if he doesnt do these things, he doesnt love you right?! no wonder people hate valentines day. its really just a day meant to remind us all to stop for a second and make sure those we love know it. this should be enjoyable.

there is nothing better…

more of the good stuff...

i had more "hey, its ok!" jonesing in my arsenal, so here goes: successfully match your underwear about, oh, once a month. at most.

...if you dont own a cook book by nigella, jamie, gordon or delia. buy a heavy-duty sunday paper but only read the magazine.

...if your winter wardrobe is pretty much your summer wardrobe, plus a few cardigans.

...if you and your man dont have pet names - or a song.

...if you put far more effort into making a gym playlist than youll ever put into a workout. have a selection of vitamins on your desk that havent been touched since september.

...if that romantic bath for two only lasted an uncomfortable two minutes.

there you have it. happy thursday. tgit!

here is your daily dose of "hey, its ok!"

this is a great wednesday post. no intense thinking or emotions. just a funny fluff post. enjoy :)

hey, its ok!... halfway contemplate buying yourself a pair of footy pajamas.

...and to sit out the harem pants trend. one day it will die, and until then, sienna miller is welcome to them.

...if you dont want the life story of every item on the menu - where it was grown, what it had to eat, etc. just the specials, please. watch to gabba gabba for stress relief. refuse to let your 16-year old cousin drive you. do a little internet cheating - er, research - before book club.

...if taylor swifts songs of teenage angst speak directly to your adult life. sigh.

i cant believe its been two years

you know, i would have revelled in enjoying the super bowl with my dad yesterday. even if we lived apart, we could have, and most certainly would have, bet, laughed and enjoyed the sport. celebrating the wildcats being #1 in the pac-10 this season?!...yea, wed be going nuts together. running those half marathons, being my advice guru, being dad. i was always in awe of him. to this day, i ache to be compared to him, even on the smallest level. i gaze loningly at pictures of us, of him, of our family. i love watching home videos and reading notes he wrote me. he was my strength. its really hard being a girl sometimes. i know i am smart and athletic and i work hard and im pretty cool. i know i am a good sister, daughter and friend. the magic that my dad had was being able to make me truly live it. truly believe it...even at my weakest point. he was dad. i mean there really arent many things cooler than the relationship between a dad and his daughter. we were so much alike, and i was so h…

odds and ends

for starters: the university of arizona wildcats are #1 in the pac-10. suck it stanford!
*lets hope this means that uncle dwight will be padding my pocket with $5 this season. hell yea!! go cats :)

is it just me or has the super bowl lost its oomph? i dont really think the commercials (lets face it, the clear reason we all watch it in the first place) have been that good in the past few years. the half time show has straight up sucked. hopefully itll be fun this year...just chillin with the boys (yea!!!)...but im more excited for that than the actual game. maybe its partly due to the fact that i cant have fun with it with my dad. we cant bet. we cant laugh about it. grr.

how about valentines day?! no boyfriend this year...haha, and we all know how my valentines day went last year: a recap in case you forget --- (hello aaron, sure id love to pay the hotel bill you sent me. yes, absolutely you fucktard). douche.

i have a crush on tons of boys...i flirt all the time and even like to kis…

will you accept this rose?

seeing as its monday, and the bachelor is on (it gets a bit of attention at work), i thought itd be funny to incorporate that into the blog. have you watched this season? im going to be honest and say that i am forever scarrred from the show since andy went on it a few years back. you never, and i mean never, want to see a neighbor you grew up with (who you know entirely too much about) making out (and whatever else) with a bunch of crazies. its gross. and i can handle just about anything you throw at me. that was a bit too much.

i have seen a bit of an episode though, i will admit. hes cute. i mean, hes no andy roddick...matt damon...or countless other people who get my blood a-going. but hes cute. and polite. frankly, i dont watch too much tv. when i do have it on, i flip...i like family guy (LOVE!!), house, two and a half men, and sometimes i just love me some crap tv. there really arent any shows that "i cant miss, oh my god i must tivo, holy shit i cant miss it, i have to be…

feb first

lets start the month off right...(by wishing you a veryyyy happy februaryof course)!! i guess its considered the month of love...what are your plans?

this also means that spring cant be far behind, right? i hope so. spring and summer are such fun times of the year. and, quite honestly, i want to be tan again. my body really, and i mean REALLY needs color. i dont want to go tan or anything (at least yet) cause its still too early to show it off. and thatd be a waste.

man, hard to believe its already feb 1. that was a pretty fast month. just this morning, while i was getting dressed, it hit me that i live in los angeles, and have done so for 7 months. wow! 7 months! so much has happened, so many things have been done. but i mean its still kinda weird that i live in LA. (however, i am reminded every time i think about my mom....)...but i digress....

its also a time we "celebrate" (a term i use VERY loosely) the 2 year anniversary of the passing of daddio. i had a good tear-up …