la la la

getting inked

ultimate renuion

marley and me...and room 12

so many thoughts

merry christmas eve day to all!!

its my blog and ill bitch if i want to

dear dad

the brick is in place!


so much to say

just another manic monday

hey, its OK!

10 reasons being perfect is overrated

special visitors

hey, its OK!

light up a life

twas the night to remember...

john kelley...err, gary?!

oh where oh where should i go...

you know youre a grown-up when...

my thanks

gobble gobble

cjd walk

do you agree?

8 eternal truths we can learn from tykes...

time to move to california?!

birthday weekend!

thank you!!!!!

hey its OK!

birthday birthday!!!

tis the season

international cjd day...

party weekend

things that would horrify your mom (if she knew)

just thinking about dad...


sunday randomness

welcome to azura!

cjd memorial walk

kelley girls back in action!

meet lacy

nothing like a little baby pink mascara...

wearing shorts for you dad!!

bring on the cane and arthritis meds

the best parts of debate #3...

book for dad

tongues tongues everywhere!!

me, flick and ken

officially a brunette

welcome to the family emmitt!

i got in a fight with the glitterati...

why every daughter needs her father


hey its ok...

here's how you know you are growing up...

check it out

are you there god, its me hilary

i think i need to get me one of these

back to school

a rock star and her brother

having wayyyy to much fun in a cab!!!!

the city that never sleeps

looking to be a weekend with no sleep...

a little mental cleansing

meteor shower

thank you

proud to be an american

olympic golden boy

sounds of childhood

blonde road trip!!

ready, set, go