Thursday, November 25, 2010

57 years young.

on top of thanksgiving, we are celebrating moms 57th birthday! as to couple together both thanksgiving traditions and her birthday fun, we are having birthday cake for dessert. i am PSYCHED cause i hate pie, and love cake. yay, thanks mom :) haha.


a day of thanks.

i am thankful for a lot of things. my health, my family and friends. ice cream, chocolate and salsa. peanut butter, laughter, and tears. a good hug, story and hand shake. drops of rain, a warm jacket and christmas lights. pictures of my dad. volunteering. movies. popcorn. this list could go on forever....

see, i think a well rounded way of looking at things is to appreciate it all. i wont lie and say i dont like getting gifts every now and again, or enjoy a glass of wine out with friends. i think those things are just as important as family dinners and deep thoughts. 

sometimes im thankful i have such amazing friends to get drunk with and wear high heels. sometimes im thankful to be approached my a cute boy who makes me forget my long day and we enjoy a fun subway ride. sometimes i am thankful i have an ipod so i dont have to talk to anyone. sometimes its my health and happiness. sometimes its helping an elderly man across the street, or on/off the subway. sometimes its helping a pregnant woman and her child with her bags.

the beauty of life is that there is so much to be thankful for everyday, for various reasons. i hope that you all have a very happy thanksgiving, and a healthy year. the holiday season has really only begun, so i am so excited for what is in store.

thank you, dear family and friends, for everything.  i am truly thankful!

Monday, November 22, 2010

never underestimate the power of something.

the heading may seem pretty vague, but i think its true. i watched a video the other day on a woman who was suffering from CJD. it was a link posted on facebook on the CJD "causes" page. i thought i was strong enough to watch it. though i feel overly fragile in all matters that deal with CJD, i had my mind convinced id be able to handle this video. i mean, pretending life is all rainbows and butterflies is worse, so educating myself on the cause is something i want to continue to do regardless of how hard it is.

well, i wasnt ready. apparently not by a long shot. the video flooded back all these memories that i had put inside a little box in my mind. a box that i had mentally locked and hid the key.

since then (2 days ago) i have just thought a lot about some things that are frustrating me. i feel helpless and weak and desperate for my dad. he made me feel secure and always promised me id always be ok. he assured me that my fear of one day living on the streets (from the difficulties of the world) would never happen. it may seem like a crazy, irrational fear, but its mine. we all have them, right? but what do you do when that person that was everything to you is taken away? you flail. hello: present tense. haha.

the sadness/frustration/fear/anxiety/etc i feel with the loss of my dad has sort of made me more mindful of how much i kind of like this boy (but cant control the situation), how much i want a really cool job (again, cant really control), and how much i cant control tears. little things, even happy things, are setting them off. UGH!

i said a prayer to my dad last night, and shed tears in bed. i didnt mean to, i just really couldnt help it. i have found 2 lucky pennies since yesterday and i am hoping thats a sign that things are going to be fine. i could really use it :)

ok i have an interview tomorrow, so i think ill go veg for a bit. more updates later :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

a few things i am thankful for.

there is no shortage of things in my life that i am thankful for, including friends and family, food, movies, music and holiday decorations. i love the simple things the world has to offer...a really good laugh, a warm cookie, and a crush on a cute boy.

the holidays serve as a hefty reminder that i am, however, without one of the most special guys in my life. i hope that i get to a point in life where i am not so worried. i worry about money, safety, and being loved. i worry about the hole that is left in my life. i just dont know how i plan on figuring it out.

i am looking forward to spending a few days with my mom, gamma, and thad (hi thad!). it will be so special.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

craigy ferg.

i love him. LOVE HIM.

lil wayne. weezy. love him too.

andy roddick.

dudes with accents.

matt damon.

yea, at 27, i am still boy crazy. thats ok with me :)


so im 27. im cool with that. had some funny experiences happen yesterday, which ali sums up as "you know, weird, hilarious and crazy stuff happens...always when im with you". well, B, youre welcome. haha, just kidding. its true though, i always experience weird moments.

i think im going to write another book. i havent decided what i want to write about yet, so i thought id reach out to the blogosphere and get some input. thanks!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

its the birthday weekend

woo woo!! cant believe its already mid november. crazy to think that 2 years ago i spent my birthday in lancaster, last year was in LA and this year i am in NYC.

my weekend/next week is pretty busy with nights out, brunches and dinners, drinks and game nights. kinda fabulous that my friends and i just LOVE being together.

ok, well off to get ready for some festivities. XOXO

Friday, November 12, 2010

on a lighter note...

a little happiness and lightheartedness from the lovelies at glamour magazine.

please enjoy their list of silver linings of life's lowest moments:

* your bag was stolen, giving you the best excuse ever to buy a new, even nicer bag. joke's on you, robber man!

* after three weeks on crutches, your triceps will be ripped.

* two days of stomach flu = hey! take those jeans out of the giveaway bag...they fit again!

* maybe the fireman will be hot.

* an outdoor wedding in the rain makes for very cinematic pictures.

* if someone steals your identity, that means they have to take on your credit card debt, right? right?

* well, at least you know the airbags work.

* now they can see that, besides being brilliant and beautiful, at heart you're just a regular person with a temper.

* having a pimple makes you look younger.

* the baby. the baby is the silver lining even though you just got a million stitches down there.

happy international cjd day!

yea i know, not much of a celebratory day, huh? but it is so important to say prayers of remembrance for those we have lost; prayers of honor for those in the midst of their battle; prayers of strength for all those caring for a loved one; prayers of peace for all those who mourn. we need a cure! i had gotten word that drew was planning to get blood tested in may, and find out if he is carrying the gene.

over thanksgiving, i am planning to have my blood tested and sent to case western. i havent decided if im ultimately going to find out the results (there are countless reasons for why i should or shouldnt), but i think its good to get it tested, regardless. 

heres to finding a cure!!
(updates to come on my blood work...if i get the results!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


well hello there fall.

a bunch of us got together last night at shake shack to kick back and hang out.
flick and i met up at columbus circle (59th street) and walked the 20+ blocks to shake shack (86th street) was beautiful, busy, fun, and COLD! nothing beats walking the streets of new york with your best friend, but i will say, its getting chilly. not chilly enough for a late-night stop at pinkberry, though.

AND, coolest thing ever...i am currently watching my first ever DVRd show. yes, i officially am a part of the 21st century. i know how to DVR. woo woo!! i love you craig ferguson!!!!!!!!!

god, i love craig ferguson. LOOOOOVE!!!! in your pants!

Monday, November 1, 2010

officially november.


i wanted to start the month by sharing my horoscope. its my birthday month, so it seemed fitting.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope
November 1, 2010
A lovely day for attracting positive energy into your life is in store, Scorpio. You can find yourself naturally drawn to pleasing social situations, and your manner is especially warm and appealing. It's a great time for attracting or enhancing a relationship. A partner has something to say, and it's important that you listen carefully.
 Creativity: Good ~ Love: ~ Business: Good

i could get used to that. all good. lets hope good things are on the way :)
happy november :)