Wednesday, May 16, 2012

muscle soreness is ruling my life

so here we are: 6 months away from the marathon. whaat! that shit cray!
it hit me this AM that im really running a marathon. like, really running one. not thinking about it, not sorta talking about how cool it would be. no! actually fucking running a marathon. i think im going to be sick.

no, just kidding. im actually super psyched about it. there has just been one tiny issue, and by tiny i mean huge pain in my ass. muscle soreness. i mean crazy, over the top, really inflamed muscle soreness. i can feel the inflammation on my legs. eek!!

as a means to survive the soreness ive been absolutely bathing my legs in icy hot. yea, i smell awesome. im also trying to roll out the muscles with my roller and going to bed with heat pads on my legs. just in case you forgot, cause i did, im 28. jesus!!

anyway, freaking out a little. a marathon! yikes!!