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sometimes perfection really does exist

ok not perfection, at least not how you may think of it. what i mean to insinuate is there are some days/moments in life where the company you are with makes life 'perfect'...this past weekend was that for me.

i think i blogged this same sentiment a couple weeks back when i spent the weekend at home. seems the bigger picture here is im pretty stoked about the company i keep.

so anyway, dowd came down to run the central park half marathon with me. we spent the weekend just being besties...lunches, dinners, desserts, coffee, walks, laughs, memories. it was amazing...honest to god, amazing!!

then came the run :) it was 16 degrees and one of the toughest courses ive run. the course consisted of two 6-mile loops of the park and a 1.1 mile run of the lower loop. the greatest part of it being in central park was the fact that for the 8am run jen and i left my apt at like 7:50am and were at our corral at 7:55am. we attempted to enter a faster corral (bibs were colored to denote how fa…


i stumbled onto pinterest today (oh shush, you did too!)...and saw this poem. its so sweet and innocent and completely sums up what i used to think/say to my own pop and what i wish i could still say to him as i navigate  my still unclear 20s.

the decade we spend being twenty-somethings is a tough one. its so full of big questions and bigger confusions. its filled with constant change in the form of jobs, boyfriends and tastes and theres that nagging feeling were never going to figure it out.

im told we do. i  have seen first hand (thank you dad, drew, mom and countless others) for showing me that life has a funny way of figuring itself out. apparently (im not there yet) we learn to relax and be comfortable enough in our own lives that the fear of being homeless, fear of failure and fear of never understanding anything goes away. look at my dad below...even with us youngsters to raise he looks so relaxed! and happy! what the hell dad, why cant i relax?!

the hard part for me now is wa…

crush or no crush

while i was getting my hair done this weekend, jana (the most amazing hair stylist EVER) and i were chatting about our crushes when she totally asked me "are we too old to crush on guys"..."i mean, is it now called something else?"

my short answer is NO. heres why: while the term "crush" begins and ends with teens, tweens and boy crazy girls like me, i think it perfectly explains the feelings you have for someone when you are into them in a very innocent way. the time before you start to really like someone and get to know them on another level its a crush...its butterflies, its the admiring from afar, etc.

ive had crushes since i was about 3. and before it was other people it was my dad. (dont be weird, its obviously not gross). ive had crushes my whole life. my main issue is translating that into real love....but im working on it. hi, boys of NYC: please be gentleman. please be sweet. please refrain from asking me to sleep with you on our first or secon…

best weekend ever.

one of my ideas of "the best weekend ever" is a weekend spent with my bestest bud at home with mild winter temps. cant ask for much more than that when its the end of january in the northeast. (obvs those that know me know that itd really be the best if it was a crazy warm summer day, but its winter so mild is the best i can get)

this past weekend was amazing for all of the simple reasons. sus and i got to spend a few days going out to lunch, cooking dinners, hitting the gym, grabbing mani/pedis and coffee together and squeezing in a movie date.

being home this past weekend was super relaxing. i slept well, exercised a lot and ate great food. there were so many moments when i was laughing so hard it hurt. thats the sign of a truly great time. nothing really beats a slumber party for a few days with one of your favorite people.

i left lancaster a bit more relaxed and with a few additional inside jokes with the coolest woman i know.


its friday, i feel random

its been a long week. or at least its felt like one. im pretty psyched we have monday off...knowing we have a 4-day week next week makes me giggle a bit inside. because, per usual, im a bit tired from the week, ive got a few thoughts id like to share. enjoy :)

- if you dont drink coffee, how do you function? are you a vampire? are you real? for the same reason i dont fully trust people that dont like animals, i dont know that i fully trust people that dont drink caffeine.

- i dont care what you say, i like lance. no, i dont think hed be a good boyfriend or anything but hes a hell of a competitor and i admire that. oh, youre pissed he doped. im sorry, why do you give a fuck? did you give him money or something? if so, it went to livestrong so keep your panties on, hes fighting cancer you uptight asshole. oh, youre pissed he is like every other athlete that competes at his level? im sorry, youre naive. good luck going through life that way.

- post-marathon (and really, post-sickness) m…

my thoughts on lance

for those that havent been living under a rock, lance armstrong has admitted to doping. ive sharing my thoughts on the matter here for a few reasons:

- everyone thinks they should share their opinion on FB. sorry, kids, noone wants your opinion.
- if youre opinion of lance armstrong has come from the past week, youre an ignorant prick. hes been cycling for decades and if all you know of his story has come from E! news, or Oprah your opinion is invalid.

i have followed lance for years, probably since 1997. ive read all of his books, followed his races and sported a livestrong bracelet. he became a bit of an obsession of mine you might day. well, you can say that, my dad did :)

im even pretty sure you can 6-degrees us and find were somehow related. there arent millions of us "armstrongs"

id bet my life on the fact that 100% of successful athletes use some kind of performance enhancing substance. those that dont? you shouldnt care, cause youll never hear about them since they w…

#teamnike #teamkelley

lets pretend for a second that my 7-mile run last night was easy. lets pretend it went smoothly.

ok, lets not pretend. it was fucking 30-something degrees (though if you had said it was 0 degrees i would have believed you!) since im still not fully clear from my franken-flu-bronchitis-sinusitis-death it felt harder than normal. the run last night was a scheduled 7 miles. mentally i wanted to push myself to complete the distance, while maintaining a relatively lax pace (9 min/mile in an ideal world). of course running with #teamnike means you dont slack off and we ran the 7 miles in under an hour.

id like to personally thank harlem hill for my massively sore quads today...that hill is no fucking joke. i think im still sore from running CP on saturday too...running the dirt paths was no joke either. WHOA!

each of the runs i have done in the new year was challenging for several reasons:
- not having run for 2 weeks then running distance is not easy. (i know i shouldnt just jump back into 1…


hi world! im alive! it was a bit touch and go for a few weeks there.
post maxim NYE i got hit with whatever #frankenflubronchitis was floating around!! then my body decided to add sinusitis to it and a fever so it was a bloody good time.

two great things that came from almost dying:
1. no interest in soda whatsoever
2. ive been eating amazing food, really making an effort

when i get sick, and in this case really sick, my body craves fresh fruits and veggies, warm soups and filling salads. it doesnt, however, crave soda, luna bars, endless pretzels or random snacks. im on a personal health mission and aim to eat really good a bit of a snacker by nature but im really amped about this. filling my bod with great stuff has been SO FUN!

flick, katie and i get together at least once a week (usually sunday, and sometimes with others) to cook dinner, catch up and honestly laugh our asses off. there is something about great friends (and in this case best friends) that just makes life be…