Monday, August 31, 2009

you must check this out

on the american apparel intranet there is a blogroll that i check every morning. one of the blogs on there is:
(the name is priceless)

you must check this out! its hilarious! and just so fun. i emailed her and might intern for her. just being an extra hand for her and help handle everything from website updates to managing her social networks. she lives near me, and once i get a bit settled, i think itd be soo great!! :)

let me know what you think of it. im obsessed :)


internet in the apartment! now if i could just figure out my damn cable box. it doesnt let me change the channel. well, that is just not cute.

can you believe its september 1st tomorrow?! wow!! i like that its a fresh month tomorrow. got my i just want to "be". not stress about moving, cable guys, jobs, etc. i want to get into a routine. i want to go for a run (lord knows i need it) or walk and come home at the end of the day and feel comfy. aside from it being sweltering in here, its great. my apartment has the susie kelley touch and its perfect. now all im missing is the boyfriend. hahahahaha just kidding.

i live in LA. i live in LA. um, yea still not sure it has sunk in. i mean, it was a month since i saw my mom. i mean, jesus!! a month!!!!!!! wtf?! when i dropped her off at the airport, we agreed that it felt like i was at college again. sooo weird.

whos exhausted?

why is it monday again?!

anyway, here i am at work desperate to blog cause i havent had a chance in weeks and so much is going on. mom flew in on friday, so as soon as i got off from work i drove to her hotel. the standard. talk about funnnn times. we had the most delicious pizza and fries for dinner, and kicked it poolside. with none other than pauly shore. HA! it had been a month since i saw her. you know, that hasnt happened since college. we headed to pinkberrry for dessert and just chilled at the hotel.

i headed home to grab contact solution and jammies then was going to come back and sleep with her. i got pulled over. long story short (cause its kind of a long one...funny, and i will for sure need to tell it at some point), i need to get new plates and a license.

saturday was moving day. again, long story short, the movers were horrendous (hold your sure you could have guessed if the past 3 weeks were anything to go by). got all my shit into the building and mom and i spent some hours unpacking and getting rid of boxes. she took tons of pics. movers caused a bit of damage to my building, and pissed off a lot of people, but we never have to see them again, so i wont dwell.

my place is fucking adorable. there, i said it. mom and i really worked it out. 95% of the art in my place are susie kelley im lucky.

saturday night was a trip. we met up with uncle dwight and chris for dinner at asia de cuba. food was delicious, company was even better, and celeb spotting was the nights entertainment. we ate a few tables away from joseph gordon-levitt, who we all fell in love with from 500 days of summer.

after dinner, mom and i hung poolside with PA who drove up to say hello. we decided to hit the hotel dance club. lets just say, i found my future hubby. or at least boyfriend. his name is james and he is from australia. he is going out of town for 2 weeks, but when he gets back, we have a date. HA!

sunday was a little sad, knowing it was moms last day. but we had fun. we went to the farmers market, had a great lunch, did a ton more at my apartment and got pinkberry (notice a pattern?!) haha.

mom switched her flight to last night...she grabbed a red eye. worked out so much better. i was able to take her to the airport...which was a treat. so, here i am, back to work today, and having a ball thinking back to it all.

i am super tired...hoping to maybe get a bit more sleep tonight. but i doubt it. thats ok though, i am happy to be moved in, and excited to organize. cant wait to hear what you guys think when you see pics :)

ok, i gotta go, more updates soon! soo much to say!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

just a boring thought by yours truly

seems life really does come full circle.
in order to prep for college and everything, i opened a checking account with wells fargo.
once i moved back east i closed that one and opened one with a bank closer.
(this was a few years ago and wells fargo was non existent in the east).

here i am, back in cali, and i was thinking id open an account out here...and i was thinking
wells fargo. ok, dorky story, but whatever...thats my life. :) haha

im heading back up to LA tomorrow, and into my apt. i bought a fan at costco yesterday for
$ hopefully i dont die of heat exhaustion. ill send pics when i get there :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

hi mom!

i miss my mom :)

aside from all the great things i hope to do out here, and great people i hope to meet (hello cute boys!!), i cant help but state that one of the shittiest things is that i am 3000 miles away from the person that "gets me" the best.

her laugh. her smile. her tears. her and i getting ready to do things, or happily shlepping in 3-days old sportswear. i miss it all.

but, its ok. between phone calls, emails, bbms and text messages, we are pretty much still together. obviously not nearly the same...but while we both figure out some stuff in life, a little mileage will have to do. we both deserve great things, and i am so excited to see where life takes us...for a bit we are just going to be bicoastal. which, actually, is pretty badass.

so there you have it. i miss you mom. always will. i mean i think i miss you when im near you. haha, thats just what happens when you have such a great bestie like i do.

just know mom, that sometimes before i go to bed, i think of you. i talk to you like i do dad, and i cant wait to hang out soon. our lives are obviously forever BEST FRIEND-IFIED and were mother/daughter, so were always close. its SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS not hanging out at the drop of a hat, but this little seperation is important so we can plan for the future. i gotta make those big bucks out here is la la land!

cheers mom! for going on this journey with me, and inviting me on yours. for putting up with me...all of me. all the time. anytime. you are the absolute greatest person, and the world is soo lucky. cant wait to talk in the morning :)


500 days

such a great movie. i loved loved LOVED it.

i felt like the character of summer (played by zooey deschanel) was me. im that girl that loves her independence, but loves boys as well. shes had a few relationships, but doesnt need a man all the time. she doesnt want to feel like she has to be with him all the time, yet loves him when they are together. its sort of a game thing.

then, poof, shes engaged. thats totally whats going to happen to me. im always crushing on people, but never really date longer than like 6 months-a year. it wasnt really until aaron that i realized it totally happens.

i gotta head out, but have tons more to say about me and the movie.
until then, go see it!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

RIP tom

we lost another great one today.
aunt brendas dad lost his fight with cancer this morning at 9:30 EST. even though he had been pretty sick for a while, its never easy.

i found myself asking "why??" a lot today. why him. why my dad. throughtout my dads illness i didnt think like that. i stayed strong so that my dad knew he was safe. if we were mad or sad or scared, it made him uneasy. as he lost his own abilities (to walk, talk, express outword thought, write, run, etc), he looked to us for how he should feel. if we laughed, he did. and so on.

however, with the loss of tom, i find that so many things in life just arent fair. im at a weakened point in my life as i transition 3000 miles away from everything that i know, and find that sometimes i get sad thinking about who and what weve lost. for a while there i was doing great. i channeled dad when i needed him...the race, the move, the job hunt, and the apt hunt. i channel him quite frequently and talk to him as well. if i really need strength i kiss my "celebrate john kelley" bracelet. its helps me :)

but i have moments where i feel lonely. i cant help but sometimes feel like i have no direction and no friends and no home base. no center. i dont know where that comes from, as i know i have all those things. but deep down im scared i dont. i have some irrational fears...just ask my mom. haha...right mom???!!

i want to wish tom a pleasant journey to heaven...and hope he is playing with my dad. (show him the ropes dad!!!).

i love my family, and look forward to remembering all the greats in our lives over shared stories, ice cream, family reunions, walks, dancing and all the other crazy things we like to do. XOXO

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

good news.

i got me a job!!!!

i just got a call from Anis at american apparel. i got the job. basically i am the resource assigner, which described by them is as follows: (cause, really, i have no idea...haha)

Jobe Description:
Assigns production resources based on stock levels.

Detailed Work Activities:
*Creating master sew orders (MSO) for wholesale and retail to support company and sewing production requirements.
*Analyzing production reports in order to allocate best resources for production.
*Communicating fabrics needs to Fabric Planning department and inquiring on fabric arrivals.
*Constant interaction with Production Planning Sewing Coordinator in regards to current/future production plans.
*Close communication with Trim department regarding trims for new and/or existing styles.
*Uses computers to enter, access, or retrieve data.

*Revising MSOs when required due to design changes, labor or material shortages.
*Ensuring MSOs are being cut in a timely manner based on production needs and following-up with appropriate departments.
*Analyzing data/reports to guarantee resources are being allocated accordingly.
*Responsible for pushing MSOs in Assigned and CIP status thru the pipeline.
*Informing /Updating Sewing Coordinators with information regarding to increase/decrease of resources assigned.

*Must be extremely detail-oriented, organized and able to multi-task multiple projects simultaneously.
*Intermediate computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel.
*Results oriented, self starter and creative thinker.
*Strong written and verbal communications skills
*Strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills
*Flexible team player with ability to establish strong working relationships with internal partners.

so there you have it. i am a fish out of water. but, as i am reminded by my amazing family, they would not have hired me if they didnt see something in me. i have to believe that. and, really, what the hell did i know about magazine stuff before urban?? ill answer that...not a damn thing. and they liked me there...i grew into it. i did a good job. this just better be like that. haha.

but, look, i keep telling myself that if i can get a job, an apt, get my car, and get a move together in a week...i can do this. and when i get moments of WHAT AM I DOING i know who to call. yep...all of you! haha :)

love you guys!!

abbs and i got ice cream on balboa today, and are heading out for dinner to celebrate.

edited to add:

...did you hear the one about me running the half marathon in 1:39:00??!?! haha ok, the only reason im blogging that is so that i never is now documented forever. i have something kinda cool to bring to the table. and really, if my body never heals, this is why. i will never forget it. HAHA :)

also, the other night, after the day at manhattan beach, i headed back down into venice beach to help lindsay eller set up for her play "expressing motherhood". she had asked me if i was available to lend a hand...of course!! eel picked me up and we gave out wine, desserts, these killer cookies...and mingled. it was a 14 act play, with each act being a mom with her own unique story...some were funny, some were sad, some were short, some were long. for mom (this was my favorite) told the hilarious story of how her sons annoyances in the car during errands, poking her and crying along with her 3 siblings got her to the point that she broke, and told her son that he was acting like an asshole. now, picture her saying this with laughter in her voice, and shame in her eyes. the way she explained how embarrassed and gross she felt...but how real a moment it was was the point of the story...really, the point of the play.

it was, to me, kinda like what i always felt about college. everyone says its the greatest time of your life. noone ever told me that it was HARD. noone ever said you have to study...alot. noone mentioned 8am classes, and shitty teachers. noone mentioned boring powerpoints, stupid gened classes and meal plans. just the parties, beer and boys. but at the end of the day, all the pieces make it great.

now i know very little about motherhood...except that i have a mom. but i think its like that. everyone says how great little babies are, how cute they are, how much you will love them. noone tells you how shitty it will be to not sleep, not feel good, be hormonal, etc. so this play was entertaining in that regard. the guy next to me was like "makes you not want to have kids, huh"? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA it was the funniest thing ever. and true. :)

updated bloggie

i decided it was time to update the ol' blog. i picked a new template, changed some colors, and realized i should change the name. funny how it kinda worked...hkpa, easily to hkla. eventually i want to make it a lot cuter, and do more with all the colors and fonts. maybe thatll be my afternoon project, haha.

anyway, i drove down irvine yesterday. it was fun spending the afternoon in a real house. i got a real shower. i mean...with soap! haha. i was living in a frat house for a while there. l0ve those boys though...but they do admit (and theyre right) with boys is pretty unglamorous. they certainly are boys. it was fun though cause i let them know that i wanted them to be themselves...burp, tease or harass me, or whatever. i had some of the most fun moments in those 5 days. i am pretty lucky to have a friend like craig...thats for sure.

on my way down to irvine i got lost for a hot second (really, no idea how that happened)...and stopped at rite aid. of course noone knew anything, but i did pick up icy/hot for my painful tailbone. long story short, i figured out directions on my own...i feel like im getting pretty good...lord knows i was crazy lost in LA for the week, and managed to get myself figured out. so anway, ive been rubbing icy/hot for a day now hoping itd help. ehh, kinda. but now i smell like grandma. HAHAA!!!!!! i am hoping itll help though...eventually ill start picking back up running, and id like my body to come too. haaa...

called the mover today...theyre picking up my stuff in lanc on wednesday. once the movers get to me in LA i will take TONS of pictures.

today abbs and i are going to balboa island for lunch and fro yo...and going out to dinner with uncle d tonight. we watched the movie 21 last was horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible, but i think we were all too tired to care to change it. ha.

and im addicted to my blackberry. yepp...its definitely crack for the fingers. i have become one of them. and its only going to get worse, im sure. :) haha

Sunday, August 2, 2009

moving to LA: blog update #1

holy lord.
my week started with a 4:30 am wake-up call on monday july, 27th...and has not slowed down since. i flew to LAX with 90 pounds of luggage and went straight to an interview. from there, i hailed a cab to craigs house where i would crash for the next few days.

throughout the week i had several job interviews and spent countless hours walking and driving the city calling every "for rent" ad i saw. i saw some pretty gross places...getting to the point where i just felt so desperate to sign a damn lease.

craig, his roommate ben and his buddy trevor and i all hung out a lot. we made food together and got yogurt every night. we watched movies and had some great laughs. it was funny...ben referred to us all hanging out as a family, as in "here we go...our first family road trip" on the way to manhattan beach for a bit of beach insanity. kinda cute. i might a huge effort to do the dishes and buy groceries...i wanted them to think i wasnt just a free loader. not that they did, im just weird.

fast forward 4 days...i found IT. honestly, my head is so foggy that i hope its as great as i remember...haha. but, its about a 15 minute from a cute part of town. i move in august 10th...which is as fast as i could do it.

however, with that being a week away i felt like i needed to find somewhere else to go. if i HAAAD to, i have no doubt that craigster would let me stay here...but i didnt want to do that. you hear stories from everyone saying they crashed with someone for 6 weeks, 9 weeks, etc. i crashed with craig for 5 i dont feel like i overstayed or anything...just never want to feel that. he has been incredible. im going to head down to irvine this morning and stay with uncle dwight for the week until i can move in. its great...i can hopefully get some sleep, do some laundry, and hopefully unstress a little...i have a huge mucus/stress cyst in my mouth from my life. haha. gross i know...but ive had them before. theyre a bitch.

as for exercise...i am now just starting to feel less stiff. my tailbone still hurts, but that startedf before the race. i think a combo from new sneaks, training...and stress. i vowed after the half marathon that id take 2 weeks off any sort of exercise...i think its a great idea. once i get my apt and my routine, ill get back into it. until then, its a deserved break.

breakfast time...more updates to come!