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turning 31 is just the beginning

On this - the eve of my 31st birthday - I would like to take a minute and celebrate 31 things im thankful for. These are not the only things I'm thankful for - and they arent listed in any particular order - but they are really important to me, and deserve to be credited with a list :)

1. Running
I'm in love with the sport and all of its challenges. Have you ever gone for a run after a 2-3 week hiatus? Brutal! The ultimate calorie burner has given me some amazing friendships, memories and training opportunities, reasons to binge on ice cream cake, ways to meet boys and to prove myself worthy of the sports ultimate unicorn - the Boston Marathon!

2. Coffee
ALL.THE.TIME - not always Starbucks, but always black. (Dunkin, how have you managed to mess that up every time I ordered from you?! Is it because you know I am not really a fan and only come when I am desperate?)

3. PT
Being a distance runner means accepting a whole host of nagging issues. Learning how to fix them? Priceless. Massa…

be in love with your life - every minute of it

last weekend was that time of year we "fall back" - which basically just means it now gets dark at 4pm - and i feel like ive been up half the night by the time 7pm rolls around.

but this time of year really is one of my favorites. there is the feeling of magic in the air around the holiday - it actually feels warm and cozy!

there are about 50 days left in 2014 - and aside from a really annoying, sometimes achingly painful left calf muscle, those 50 days should be great! im lucky enough to see DK at least twice, one of those times being a race in Kiawah! there is nothing better than earning sibling race medals! I am signed up for the full marathon so that calf muscle I was talking about REALLY needs to right itself.

31 hits me on Saturday - I'll be doing yoga with my mom and then going shopping - seems like the perfect way to casually ring in a new year. a little namaste and a new pair of nike something - I'd say that describes me pretty well!

I don't really make …