Saturday, March 14, 2009

i lit my own fire

this past weekend i got a bit of energy regarding the book im "writing." i put it in quotes cause i have pretty lax with it. i have been writing, but work (and yes, boys) got a bit busy. however, im back in the game and am writing!! ill keep you all updated as i progress. mom had a good idea to write an amount i feel good about and send it to family to read and critique before progressing, that way i get some good feedback. so, as i get in gear i will let you all know.

ohh, and i saw the billboard today!!!!! haha.....

one other thing...i got my pants in the mail from aaron yesterday. HA! little note, no nothing. just pants. i would have thought he would have at least written something funny. but, then again, i thought a lot of things :) haha

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dad's Birthday This Year!

it just so happens that the SF half marathon (one of daddios face cities) is on his birthday this year (fate?). so, a bunch of us were planning on running it. i have begun to recruit friends out west as well...i want this to be a HUGE event....

just yesterday i was checking out the SF marathon/half marathon page, and noticed you can create a team if we want! or no need, if it gets complicated. either way, i want to totally raise some money (my initial goal is set at $1000)! i wasnt sure how to best start this process...ideas have included sending out an email, facebook messages, word-of-mouth (use it for a good cause...hehe), etc. i jsut want to get as many people as possible on team kelley!

i think we should totally make tshirts!!! that way we really are a team. we have 4 months...i really want to get serious. and i want to make him so proud.

ok, let me know YOUR thoughts :):):) thanks fam :)


I have been feeling like I have been majorly blog-slacking. I am doing an experiment on another blog and am not allowed to duplicate my posts. Once I see if this experiment is working or not, I will be back on this blog making it even better...I hope to add more pictures, etc. So sorry there hasnt been much action. Believe me, I am aware!!

Guest Blogger

I wanted to switch things up and have my mom do a little "guest blog" post. She
and I are together all the time and I wanted her to feel a part of this. I didnt tell
her what to say, I just wanted her to type anything. Im hoping to force this on her every
once in while...hehe. So, enjoy her post.

I'm really not good at this..but here goes.
Blogging reminds me of old fashioned journals.
I never had one, but aren't they supposed to
be extra secret. Now everyone gets to read how
you feel about stuff. I still have a few secrets that
no one, trust me no one will ever read about.
But about Hilary, that's an easy one. I can write about
her I am a very proud parent and have to admit enjoy reading
her blog, even though I live it too. We work together so I get everything
first hand. No editing, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Carry on Hilary. You keep blogging and I'm keeping my mouth shut....

Friday, March 6, 2009

you ready?? i mean really, you might want to sit for this......

ok...but i warned you.

i got a bill today, in the form of an email, for south carolina. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to say, against all better judgment, i thought hed have more class than that. hed like me to pay his company $222. i wasnt sure whether to laugh, cry, get mad, or just be silent. it knocked the wind out of me for a bit, i will say, but this is a great way to end "us." definitely gives me a great story.

id love to know your thoughts...ive gotten great advice/thoughts from MOM (poor thing has to be with me and hear it all/help me everyday!), drew, rachel, gamma and i want to thank them. you are so amazing, and i am so lucky to have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and all those of my family and friends!!!) XOXO!!!

ill write more on this later...ill post his email....cause i know youll want to read it. (or really, i just want to share it with you all...haha!!!) and i will be sure to share my response when i email him back!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

in need of a colorful pick-me-up?

who isnt, right!? well, i came across these:, and ordered one. they are organic cotton bracelets based on a 200-year-old brazilian tradition. you make three wishes before tying one on; its believed that when the bracelet naturally falls off, your wishes will come true!! they are only $5, so i am super excited to get one!! :) once i get it, ill let you know how it is/looks/fits, etc.

i found myself laughing this morning remembering funny things in south carolina. it was ironic that aaron and i were in such a "water town" (i mean hilton head is an island and therefore surrounded by water) cause we both hate seafood. we kept getting recommendations for these crazy-ass intense seafood restaurants (by the front desk lady who just really loved us....she was cute!!). we just kept being like "yea, it sounds amazing...but eww!!!!!".

ok, must get back to work. more updates (and funny things) later!