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well that was just spectacular.

lo, ali, andy, uncle a, aunt brenda, gamma and mom...thanksgiving totally kicked ass.
dinner friday night with babuski...priceless.

between the florida weather, hilarious memories, private pilates class with a few of my favorite people, spin class with my uncle, massages, baked brie, movies, stories, games (ian, we all still think you cheated!!), and good, deep convos had over the past few days, this was the most fun holiday weekend i have had in so long i cant remember when the last one was.

i have a feeling i will be suffering from post- thanksgiving awesomeness for a while. it was just TOO fun. the things that makes it ok...i will see my bro in just a few short weeks for christmas and then im heading back to florida with lo and ali in february. holy hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

since i went to florida as pale as a vampire, i did get a bit of sun but i need more. hilster needs a tan!!
hurry up february. until then ill keep the memories alive and hit the bike at flywheel. see you soon FL!!

post marathon

everyone tells you how sore you are going to be after running a marathon. while thats true, i dont remember anyone mentioning how utterly EXHAUSTED i would be. i have been in bed by 8:30pm for 2 days in a row and i am still so tired.

i give credit to awesome friends for helping me focus on other things than pain after i was done. i did wear compression pants (ive worn them everyday) and have foam rolled, iced and hit the gym to keep my legs from getting too stiff. suffice to say i planned well for the soreness. the exhausted has been kicking my ass, however. holy balls!

as i prepared for the marathon, and now as i sit back and enjoy the completion of it, i have a few favorite lines and pics that kept me motivated. below are a few. enjoy!!! :)

 marathon: anything is possible

philly 2012, baby!!

#teamkelley philly 2012


as thanksgiving approaches id like to take a minute and express just how thankful i am for so many things this year. (since i will be with the armstrongs in florida, i know i wont be posting...)

my dad. he tops the list every year, but since his passing i am so thankful for the  relationship i had with him when he was alive. for 24 years he shaped me into the woman i am hopefully becoming.

my brother and mom. together were a team. a trio. we are the kelleys and we have been through so much together. i couldnt be prouder of these 2 and couldnt be more lucky and happy they are with me (via email, text, phone, FB, etc) each and everyday. i cant imagine running a marathon and making dad prouder than doing it with my bro. #teamkelley

myself. yea, i said it. i work hard, dammit, and deserve to be thankful for it. ive got a lot of strength, ambition and zest for life in this body and refuse to let anyone stop me. but i obviously dont do it alone. see this list as proof of that :)

my friends. yo…

you think you know, but you have no idea

the title of this post is how id like to sum up this past weekend.

marathon weekend 2012 is officially in the books. led by coach susie kelley, the entire weekend was flawless. lets recap, shall we:

mom and i met at the philly train station around 1pm on saturday. already on a high from getting to hug her, we hopped in a cab and went to our hotel. hello holiday inn express!!! all checked in and snacking away in our room (i came prepared, haha), we awaited the arrival of DK. about 15 minutes later, he arrived...shaved head and all!!!!!

we went across the street to grab some lunch and then headed on over to the expo! once i had our gear in hand it all began to feel real....i kept saying to drew "dude, i cant believe were running a marathon! i mean really!"

we walked around the expo for a bit enjoying all the excitement of the city and all the runners! what was cool was that all of this stuff was happening right where i used to live...on our way to the convention center we ac…

a marathon. my birthday. and my thoughts.

this week is a BIG week! its my second week at maxim (already have a ciroc party to honor the troops this afternoon), my birthday and the philly marathon. i cant even begin to put into words how psyched i am to spend the weekend in philly with my bro and mom...running a marathon, no less!!

its hard to believe im 29. i realize thats not old, but i still dont think i feel 29. 29?! i mean i am almost 30. i still love the backstreet boys, nickelback and sleepovers. i mean i really dont feel 29 at all. until i realize how comfortable with my life, body, friends, family and job, do i realize i guess i am 29. ive gotten to a good place. its a tough time since everything i am doing is either for my dad, or something he would be proud of, want to take part in, or talk about. it helps that i have such an amazing support system...always have, but it always hurts when i think about him not being here. #loveyoudad

while i dont want to hurry the week (it is my birthday on thursday, afterall) i am j…


new york has had better weeks. id like to reflect on a few of my favorite things, times, memories and highlights of the past 2 years.

- brooklyn heights -- one of the most historic and scenic neighborhoods in the borough of brooklyn was home for my first year in new york. its amazingness isnt lost of me now that ive gone all manhattan.

- readers digest. now maxim. my head is spinning.

- marathon training with niketown run club. despite not knowing anyone, i am so happy i chose to run with this group of people to train for the philly marathon. #teamnike rocks. so does #teampink (go gav!)

- friends. family. shopping. ice skating. good food. roommates. new friends. crushes. tears. the giggles. isnt it all worth it??

as i start my new gig today at maxim i just want to remember a few things that have made me feel so lucky and blessed over the past 2 years ive been in nyc. sure, life has thrown the kelley's a tough road but im doing my damnedest to make my dad proud and work my ass off …

did a time warp happen?

so yea, i skipped blogging in october. not intentionally mind you, but i woke up today realizing i had a few things to talk about and saw i took an unanticipated break. no excuse, but i have been busy. ready for an update?

ive taken a few pictures over the past few weeks and in order to share lots of them, i mashed em up into collages. highlighted below are some of my favorite memories over the past few weeks.

i cant believe it, but the philly marathon is 2 weeks away from TODAY! 2 weeks! i remember counting down with drew when it was still 6 months away. i feel ready. i am so excited to see drew, run a marathon, be 29 and hang with mom and he in philly (is my life coming full circle or what?). my post college life started in philly and ive been through a lot since then, all of which started in my time at urban.

in the collage you can see some cute posts of my new favorite training buddy, tennis partner and all around sweat buddy (and crush). i met gavin at nike running club and weve …