Thursday, September 8, 2016

summer OUT / fall IN

And just like that, summer sixteen is over. Hello fall! While I love nothing more than heading out for some miles in the kind of weather that makes it hard to breathe, makes you sweat more than you thought was humanly possible and leaves you a bit red in the face, I equally love the crispness of fall mornings, the smell of fall in the air and apple picking!

Ok, I’ve never actually gone apple picking. I’ve dreamed about it. Glanced at pictures of it. Hoped I would do it. Friends never seemed to want to go – and the boyfriend thing has been a fleeting item on the to-do list. Well, its happening this weekend! Sunday. Sinuses, weather, and whatever else, keep it together. This girl wants to go apple picking! 

Fall sixteen has already gotten off to a busy – and celebratory – start. Mom and bill got married (!!!) which made me really emotional and nostalgic. It was a beautiful weekend and definitely cemented how much I want a love of my own. Been a tough go though – I mean, its supposed to be hard to find. I get it. But, I’ve been in nyc for 6 years and I can count on my one hand – fuck, I can count on two fingers, dudes that have touched my heart. I now you cant force it, but man, I had hoped the one I have (had?) my eye on was open to it. What are you doing to me life?? 

I spent the majority of the summer drinking rose, dating, traveling and basically running….ish. 
I have ZERO regrets about living my life this summer, sometimes in lieu of doing any kind of serious training. ZERO regrets. I may not be singing that same tune in a month when im on mile 23 of the portland marathon, but whatever, ill just think back fondly to that summertime crush and glass of rose that mellowed me out and made me happy. Who needs to feel good at mile 23 anyway, right?

Discussion has also progressed to the big move to florida. My mom and bill have scheduled their first trip to scope out houses next month. The “plan” is for me to move in with them and find a job and a place. I definitely want my mom to help me find the perfect pad and help decorate it! HELLO NEW BED!! 

So back to the ol’ boyfriend. I figure if I put the vibes out, he will find me right? Watch this space.