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happy mothers day mom!

huh?! what?! is it mothers day?! no no, dont panic sillies...i just feel as though my mom deserves the shout out. she is one of those people that just get me. and i get her. and we gel. we just work. were besties and i love her so much. can you hear cumbay-ya playing?! haha...just kidding.

but, really, i am just so proud. we are coming up on a veryVERYveryveryVERY tragic anniversary and she and i are just making it through life together. we are doing more than that...we are thriving. we are doing so much! but, it doesnt soften the blow of what we lost. it never will. but i know one thing is for sure: mom...i love you. SO much.

february 2010 marks the 2-year anniversary of the day god decided that dad should head upstairs. i still cringe, and get the chills merely thinking about it. im not going to make this entry all sappy, as i dont want to. but i chatted with dad last night when i went to bed. i like to do that :)

yea, hi, real life?! yea, um, its me. hilary...

...and i think we need to have a chat. why is it that you are trying to cramp my style?! filing taxes...yea, um, im not really interested. tracking down 1099s, interest rates, and w-2s is not really my thing.

dont get me wrong, im a smart girl. i always file early, and obey the law. but i have come to find that real life really starts to kick you in the ass as you get older. what happened to the good ol' days when my biggest concern was that i would have my bagel ready to watch cartoons. or that we had enough ice cream in the freezer. or that i just wanted to be outside getting dirty, play with toys and obsess over boys. haha, that last one has remained ;)

anyway, the point is, fun doesnt have to leave us! if youre anything like my friends and i...immaturity rules! blast the backstreet boys. get a slushie. have sleepovers. bake. watch crap TV. gossip about boys. make tshirts. do it all. we do...and we forge to be forever young!!!!!

hey, its ok! get the dress, then decide to throw the party. let your more-employed friend buy lunch. not make it past best supporting actor. stop in the heat of the moment and remove your own control-top tights, thank you. rely on commercials for all your new music. (thanks cadillac SRX - that phoenix song rules). buy sexy lingerie and call it your valentines gift to yourself. run in really ugly sweatpants while singing along on your ipod. (hey - youre running. in winter!). refuse to date any man who puts his blackberry out on the table during a meal.

hes growing up!!

happppppy birthday to the best brother in the world. my big b turns the big 3-0 today!

i guess you didnt listen to our grandmothers when they told you never to grow up....haha   ;)

i love you so much drew. i wish you the best today (and everyday). cant wait to chat later, and see you soon!
ever since i was born i have really loved being your little g. i admire you and look up to you, still, for so many things. cheers to being the best little sister you could ever ask for! haha. i love you so much!!!!!

things that are always difficult to nail

1perfect toastif you find a toaster that doesnt either cremate or undercook, please let me know

2platonic friendships with hot menbe honest, life would be much simpler if he were gay

3knowing when to sleep with a new manwhen does "classy and mysterious" morph into "asexual" in manland?

4the perfect temperature in somebody elses showerwho stole the intermediary degrees between freezing and scalding

5flesh tonesnot even salmon looks good in salmon

6the correct quota of caffeineeither were snoozy and lifeliess or jittery and paranoid

there are so many other funny things that belong on this list. consider this part one :)

what is it about starbucks...

...that is just simply magic. damn. sipping lattes with my mom is something that i cant wait to do once we live near each other. its the most amazing way to spend time. doing this while being on a road trip? thats heaven!! its a very simple pleasure, but man, treat yourself to it. coffee with the bestie? magic :)

you you you

hey its ok... claim winning doenst matter. but, boy, do you want to win feel irrationally nervous when you have to go around the room and say your name and where youre from decide youre not going to do anything else productive for the rest of the working day be judgemental about people who have plastic surgery, yet have your teeth professionally whitened be disappointed that youre not her bridesmaid weigh more than your boyfriend. he doesnt have boobs or hips want men to send over drinks in theory. but feel mortified and put-upon when they actually do be quite glad that he doesnt last more than 15 minutes.more sleep

ny times

this article was posted on my cousins blog and i was so enthralled by it, i had to share it here. hope you dont mind that i stole this link dwight!!...but i agree with you, this is SO TRUE!!!!! haha

heres to the next ten years...

2010, eh?! thats come crazy shit. werent the jetsons living in this time? can you believe they wrote that show this far in the future way back then. good show. we have the walking sidewalks least in airports. we have luggage that folds up...not to the extent george's did, but thats ok. we have robots doing their thing...not living with us to clean, but theyre out there.

i mean, the fact that the show is still so far fetched is pretty cool this long after it aired. those good freakin imaginations.

that said, what are you thinking about the next ten years. it was only 10 years ago that we were celebrating the millenium, and if you were anything like my friends and i, the backstreet boys, carson daly, slushies and boys. (some things never change....haha).

in the next decade (well, 4 years really, as i will be turning 30), id really like to:

-run a marathon (preferably the ny marathon, preferably with drew)
-own a range rover (thanks hubby!) just kidding. hope…

totally unexplainable

for about a week before i headed home for break, i was having a really weird sensation in my head. it felt like vertigo, where my balance was a bit off and my eyes were having trouble focusing. my self diagnosis was either vertigo or a possible migraine (as i did feel a bit nauseated and light was annoying). i ventured down to the office doctor and she thought the same thing (does this mean i can pretty much practice as an MD??).

anyway, she wrote me a prescription for something that i wasnt all that comfortable taking. basically, if its something that i, or anyone i know, has never taken it or even heard of it, i shy away from it unless i am near my mom. she warned me that the medicine could make me sick and not able to drive (um, yea, ok, so thats a "not a chance in hell of taking").

i was casually popping a few pills of ib profin daily (nothing major) and just kind of suffering until i was going to see my mom. she suggested sudafed, as it sounded like it could be a sinus …

i think my mom and god are friends

how else would you explain her ability to deal with me?! and find humor and happiness amidst my angst.
ohh wait, shes a bomb-ass mom...thats how.

she and i have mastered this give-and-take deal where we level each other out. so, why dont we just bite the bullet and live together and work together (as ive often said thats when im happiest)?! to answer? cause, really, maybe we should. when she moves to southern cali and we get jobs together at quik, we will. we'll get a great little spot. this whole business of being away from my mom is just not working for me.

february 8th, 2010 marks the 2 year anniversary of when we lost my dad. 2 fucking years. what kind of shit is that. 2 fucking years. i cant believe how fast that went. and, yet, at the same time, its just still so not fair. this is just another reason that i want to be near one of my bestest, most favoritist people ever....mommma. she makes it all better.

as a way to start this year right, i want to thank you mom.…