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hey, its ok...

* to move across the country - or around the world - for love.
its also OK to make him move. youre worth it.

* to never trust a man in silk boxers.

* to buy yourself a Christmas present. wrapping and
putting it under the tree is one step too far, though.

* to not be careful what you wish for.
if you get it, dive right in.

* to cancel plans because The Muppet Christmas Carol is on.
you dont turn your back on the golden oldies, thank you very much.

* to google your own name. you know, just to see.

* if your mom still gives you a Christmas stocking (even if you do ask her to).

* to stare unashamedly at a hot girl - then get annoyed if your boyfriend does.


happy holidays!

kinda had a lot to say, but have been attempting this post for about 3 hours (between errands, interviews and work). so, ill try back later. haha

taking a look back

i was scrolling back through my blog today. i am really excited that i will be able to reread my life over the past few years thanks to my lil bloggie. ive always been pretty obsessed with writing in journals (i think i have about 45 of them), and this is a fun new way to do that. granted, i think written journals are the way to go, as thats where you should keep your secret thoughts and stuff. online is just not the place for that.

i credit aunt martha with giving me the idea to start this blog...something i excitedly began in august 2008. its been a little over two years, and im still in love with it. its grown and changed with me as i have gone through a lot over the past 2+ years.

cant wait to see where life goes these next few year s (and beyond!)


a rarity: a to-dont list

december is typically a pretty frantic month. holiday shopping, baking, work, socializing, eating a lot, and doing all the normal life things that need to be done. needless to say, you probably dont need more items to add to your to-do list. fret not, as i am happy to share with you some things you dont need to worry about this month (courtesy of our friends at health magazine).

* feeling bad about exchanging that present you totally hate. thats what gift receipts are for!

* bird poop facials - actually offered at some spas. no matter how radiant your skin might look afterward, its still bird poop, and its still on your face! theres no shame in staying with the core spa menu, like a nice Swedish massage.

* sticking to your diet at Christmas dinner. OK, so you shouldnt do a face-plant in the sweet potato casserole and eat your way out, but its one day, people. we say eat what you like and get back to normal when the world isnt awash in rum-soaked cake.

* getting glam for the gym. even kell…


a couple lil jokes to brighten your day...

two weasels are sitting on a bar stool. one starts to insult the other one. he screams, "i slept with your mother!" the bar gets quiet as everyone listens to see what the other weasel will do. the first again yells, "i slept with your mother!" the other weasel says, "go home, dad, youre drunk."

a chicken and an egg are lying in bed. the chicken is smoking a cigarette with a very satisfied smile. the egg is frowning and looking frustrated. the egg says, "guess we answered that question."

HA! happy monday.

how do you mourn?

when i lost my dad, i felt pretty numb. despite having SO much thought going on in my head, i didnt have anywhere to go with it since i wasnt ready to talk about anything. those first few months had nothing to do with mourning or sadness or loss. i was so numb i didnt feel anything. i knew all those feelings were there, but i wasnt able to actually feel them. any time i tried to talk about anything, id sob. i sobbed in a hospice group therapy meeting, with ali, and on my own. ali told me she was ready to talk anytime i was...she patiently sat with me through tears, laughs, and fear. she still does :)

after the initial period of despair, loss and numbness came a "what the FUCK just happened?!!" head space. i was so confused and sad at everything that i didnt know how to process anything. or how to function properly. i didnt feel social...having fun felt wrong. the light that i had in my eyes just faded away. tears flooded my body.

to cope, i decided to go against everything t…

its that time of year again...

for new years resolutions! are you thinking about yours?!

i havent officially figured out what mine is going to be, but i think im going to be pretty lax about it. i just want to live my life the way i am, continue to love and play with my friends and family, and laugh...A LOT. i feel like im rediscovering myself, and coming through the tunnel that we went through. gone is the jet black (or super dark violet, rather) hair, and dark nail polish. back are my highlights and fresh nails. im meeting tons of people and having a ball.

aside from the job market being a complete shit show, im loving life. i love new york. im incredibly proud that despite some pretty rough times, i have been able to overcome fear and live life the way i need to. i have lived and thrived all over the USA and am damn proud of that. i have amazing friends! we laugh through the tears and fears of life, cry through the same, and dance when needed. we bond over being broke, but happy, and thrilled we all know each ot…


hard to believe we are coming up on 2011. hilariously enough, i distinctly remember my crew and i celebrating the millennium...which DOES NOT feel like over a decade ago! whaaaaaat?!

a lot has happened this year. good, bad, indifferent. im in a good place.

ok, serious ADD has kicked in...ill be back later :) xoxo

happy december

WOW! december 1st.

its funny, ive been doing a lot of comparisons in my head these past few months...comparing what ive been up to here in new york versus what i was doing this same time last year in los angeles. with me starting the years relatively during the same time, i see it happening a lot this year.

moving to new york, which has proven to have its own challenges for sure, was a great decision. i am 3 blocks from my best friend, and in a city with a lot of my favorite people. (and a few hours in any direction from a lot more).

my life/time in LA has a special place in my life and heart. i made the decision to move to LA to find some closure on some things, get away from others, and prove something to myself. even though i know i succeeded in this, i still struggle with feeling good enough. little by little, we are working on this (i have informally hired ali and ryan to coach me with life)...our stories, advice and date nights are ABSURD and i love every second of it. i am real…