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la la la

so, word is, the magazine i shot the ad for is coming out within the next 2 weeks. the launch party is before valentines day weekend, so im pretty excited! i really wanted it to be out before i head to see aaron. (i hope it turns out well…hehe). he called me last night to talk about our trip and catch up. ugh, after we hung up i shed a tear, i wont lie. i got overwhelmed and frusterated that the trip is not going to be all about us. its pretty much me fending for myself during the day while he will be playing tennis…and spending nights at “events” where he needs to mingle and meet some people. he wanted to see if this was all ok with me…um, what the hell…its not like i could say anything but yes. which is fine…it all sounds like ball. but am i wasting my time?! im getting better at taking life a step at a time…but i get frusterated that it sometimes gets so damn complicated. i emailed ali right away to see if this trip was still worth it. i havent officially decided yet. ok, so theres…

its super dark hair that is. here is one that i uploaded...more to come!! i hope you all are having a faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous monday. XOXOXO

courtney love minus the heroin and running mascara...

that is how my look was described while getting ready for my first outfit in the photo shoot. haaa!!! as you can imagine, i was in for it. anyway here are a few pictures my mom took from the day. it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING...the heat was not on and it was insane. but it was a ball and i cant wait to do it again!!

so sorry!

this blog is my absolute baby and i feel like i have been neglecting it a bit. i feel like i have been really busy, and am also trying to start up this other blog. there is SO much going on this month and next (and hopefully so on...) so i will be sharing as much as i can.

happy monday!!

man vs. food

after work last night, while doing some things around the apt, i turned on the tv. i was flipping channels and came across this show called “man vs. food” where this dude travels to different cities and attempts some pretty hefty food challenges. the episode last night saw him trying to beat a record by eating 12 pounds of food in the form of burgers (5 patties, 5 slices of cheese, gross amounts of bacon) and 5 pounds of fries. long story short, he was able to eat 7 pounds before running out of time (i think he was given an hour).

i LOVE food shows. i think theyre fun and entertaining. all kinds…one of my faves is diners, drive-ins and dives. i love paula deen and giada. i love food network challenges. i just think its entertaining….BUT this is craziness. i love the host of this show, but some of his challenges are beyond me. i mean 7 pounds of hamburger meat??? cant that, like, stop your heart? haha, just kidding. sorta.

but, check out this show. its pretty good. the only other epis…

its that time again...

ok so im due for a hair appointment...which is scheduled for january 28th. that gives me 2 weeks to decide what to do will this hair of mine. keep ir dark? lighten it?

im having a hard time deciding whether to dye it all over dark again, or add some highlights. i dont think i want to go back to blond, but im pretty sure thats what my mom wants. any other option is pretty much "fine. just not you. youre my blonde girl". not sure what to do about that. anyway, i thought i was digging the dark for a change. i mean, for the better part of my 25 years ive been blonde.

so, yea, no idea. i think i just need a new face. ha. but i will definitely take suggestions. and criticism. you know what looks good on thanks ahead of time!!!

blog whore

as an avid blog writer, i find myself becoming a very active blog reader as well. i love gossip blogs, food blogs and family/friends blogs.

the goal for my blog, which started out merely as an idea from my aunt martha as a way for me to have an outlet for my poor brain, haha, has really become fun for me. its a fun place to share silly things i read, hear, see or experience. its a great outlet to bitch about all the things that have really been hard this year, and about the craziness that is me learning to really like a guy...past just crushing. (though, i know thatll never stop!!).

as i learn more and more about blogging, i find myself discovering other blogs that i read regularly (hence the title of this blog). id love to know what, if any, blogs you always on the lookout for some fun new ones!!

happy tuesday!

new blog

i have created another blog in hopes of widening my vision and hopefully getting more attention for various things. it will be another outlet for all things me: what im loving, hating, eating, seeing, laughing at, bitching about, crying over or crushing on. i have a lot of things going on, so i hope you all enjoy reading about it :)


whatcha doin this summer??

on july 26th 2009, the san francisco marathon/half-marathon is happening. it is on my dads birthday this year...if you are interested, please let me know :)

ps, rachel...we totally have to make shirts!!!

hitting that proverbial brick wall

randy pausch so famously described hitting brick walls throughout his life, and finding ways to either knock through them or jump over them. i feel like i am at a place where i have hit one. now, how i am going to find my way around just not sure :)

i feel a bit like ive come to a crossroads in my life. im not one of those people that needs all the answers right now...but enjoys moving around and creating my life in different cities with people. it probably doesnt help that my best friends are all the same in this regard.

do i go to california and see if aaron and i make it happen? do i make my life work there, and get a job and have fun. do i stay here and hope we work it out? do i change my life and see what happens, or stay here. im not afraid of change...if anything, i thrive on it. i feel so strongly about this boy...something i am not used to feeling. would i move for him?! yes. but im no fool...there would need to be commitment on both sides.

i know how short life is. i kn…

jen would be so proud!

i am wearing skinny jeans today. with boots even. phew!

this is huge, considering i prefer my black kyodans (yoga pants), any free people pants or shorts and sweats for any occasion. jeans? hate em. always have. i think its because i hate feeling restricted in pants, and jeans do that to me. that, and i think they look awful. i sincerely dont think i was made for jeans. a few of my best friends share this opinion (haha, probably why we are best friends!!). i have one bf (jen) who is a total fashionista...and she cringes when she hangs out with us cause we are total tomboys. i mean, we wear makeup and love short skirts, but compared to her, what we wear will always compare to soccer shorts and ponytails.

buuut, as many of you know, aaron is coming to town tonight. and i want to knock him dead. (i dont mean that in a "im-so-hot" way. you all know i never think like that). what i mean is, i want to try to look my absolute best, and i think skin tight jeans can only help that. ha!…

a must read!

national bestseller "the last lecture" by randy pausch. i read it in 12 hours...and thats with a nights sleep in the middle. for those that dont know what this book is about (and i didnt until someone bought it for my mom and she let me read it first since i sometimes get bored at work late at night), its about a computer science prof at carnegie mellon and his 'last lecture' given to his students (and others). usually profs are asked to give these lectures as a way to impart wisdom...a way to explain what they would do if it really was their last lecture.

randys was different. he really was dying, and this really was his last lecture. he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he was given 3-6 months. this book is a powerful read into the mind of a smart and successful man, given a death sentence, and how he must learn to find the optimism in everyday not to give up for his famiy and himself.

i think what i enjoyed most about this book was how many similarities i f…

silly entertainment

glamour put together a list of ten things they would do if they were men for a day. while
i think a few are funny, it got me thinking...there are some funny things to do. read this list and
maybe think about what you would do if you were a guy for a day. chug a beer? scarf a pizza? burp? fart? such a cliche...i know guys do other things...scratch? haha, just kidding.

*braid our leg hair. (eww?)

*eat five pieces of bacon instead of six. lose a pound.

*pee in the snow. maybe first thing.

*have an orgasm in the amount of time it takes a woman to find
the vibrator in her underwear drawer.

*shirt. pants. shoes. done.

*take to our bed for the entire day expecting 24/7 nursing care for
the worst cold in the history of the world, and then spring up for
work bright and early the next morning.

*secretly watch oprah.

*secretly tear up while secretly watching oprah.

*lift 100 punds over our head. just because we can.

*earn a couple extra grand just for having the right kind of genitals.

so, like i said…

hey, its OK! decide that if wearing uggs is wrong, you dont want to be right. really enjoy crying at the movies. as in, sobbing. shove it in the closet and consider your place cleaned. (haha...hmmm, me? nah...) pretend to text message to get out of talking with that hyper-chatty person standing
next to you. its called communi-faking, and we all do it. (haha, omg, YESS!) refuse to air kiss and just plant one on em. own driving gloves, riding boots and a motorcycle jacket, even if youre a
passenger-seat kind of girl. pray that your boss never tries to friend you on facebook. awkward! not do a card, dinner or gifts on valentines free.

mark your calendar!

aunt martha just let me know that the san francisco marathon/half marathon is on july 26th this year. dads birthday!!!!!! perfect, or what?!

i called drew right away to tell him, and he loved the idea of us running the half marathon...and using the next few months to raise money for cjd.

sooo, that brings me to my title. if you are in the area and would like to either run with us, or be our cheerleaders, pleeeeease do!!! we will most definitely be making t-shirts (i loove any excuse to make them!!) this should be incredible.

ok, back to work. haha! xoxo

a timeout with hilary

ok, so just a few random things going in this lil ol' life o' mine.

*first of all, im OBSESSED with this new singer, lesley roy. her song unbeautiful is on the radio now. omg, i cant get enough. (haha you can ask my mom, ive been trying to sneak her on at work like every other song!!) haha. any awesome artists i should look into?? my mom and i are always looking for new ones to play at work.

*thievery corporation is another great one. check them out!

*aaron is coming on friday for one night. he is being honored at hempfield high school and has asked me to be ther with him. it means a lot to him he said. his parents will be there. ok so im totally in love (in hilary world). why cant he be? i get the whole 3000 mile thing is a bitch. but, for the past 10 months we have done a pretty impressive job at talking, visiting, and keeping in touch. we talk all the time, and try to see each other pretty much monthly. thats gotta mean something. dad, if youre reading this, i neeeeeeeeeed hel…

its funny how memories hit you sometimes...

so i was in the shower this morning shaving my legs and i just had to giggle cause i remembered when dad was sick and we had to help him out with all of that. i say i giggled because, though the underlying situation was not funny in the least, tweezing dads eyebrows, trimming his nose hair, washing his face, and shaving his face were. there was one time where i was shaving him and he was joking with me about how he probably shouldnt trust me with a razor, but ultimately he had to.

ever since i started shaving at the tender age of 12 or so, i have always found a way to cut myself. there was one time i was in the shower and i got cocky and thought id finally shaved without a problem! lo and behold i dropped the razor and sliced my toe! haha. i mean, what?!?!

so, anyway back to my story. dad and i used to get a kick out of teasing me about my problem. i always used to get such a kick out of making him laugh about it. you know the cutest part? he actually let me continue to do it despite my…

aZura on myspace!

we have created a myspace account for aZura clothing (lancaster). check it out!! over the next few weeks we will be sure to update information with cool pics, clothes and ideas. yay aZura is moving those legs!!!

go team kelley!!!

through facebook, to date, we have raised $1200! yay!!!!

one of my goals for 2009 is to raise more money for cjd. i know its not easy, and not simple. i read a quote the other day that said "nothing is easy. but who wants nothing" which really summed up my thoughts. how perfect! its so true. if things were easy, everyone would do them.

haha ok so this is a bit of a lame post. sorry guys. i know you dont read this to be riveted...haha, but im at work and randomly felt like saying something.

hope everyone is having a fabulous friday!!! love you all, happy weekend :)

happppy new year!!!

happpy 2009! i hope everyone had a fun new years eve. mine was pretty low key this year. it was pretty ridiculously cold here, so my mom and i decided to go see a movie after work. we saw slumdog millionaire. one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. absolutely awesome! just be sure you stay in your seat after its over...there is a really fun/cool dance scene at the end that my mom and i stood for...little awkward. haha.

the movie ended around 9:30. i got home and hung out a bit while trying to think about what i was going to do. i was talking with a bunch of different people that were all being unenthused about wanting to go in the we all just spent the night talking to each other on the phone. actually pretty fun :)

my mom and i were discussing new years resolutions. i feel like there are always things i am trying to work on throughout the better, smarter, faster, etc. that i dont want to wait until december 31 to declare it a resolution for the next year.…