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just about 31

i am 15 days away from turning 31. lets reflect, shall we...

its been another hell of a year traveling all over the US with nic to run races & cheers life! over the past 12 months we've battled twinges & mild injuries, celebrated new PRs, gotten much better at yoga (all while seeing and smelling things we should never have had to - im looking at you, dude who couldn't seem to keep his pants up in bikram), and just so much more!

as i reflect back on the past year, i realize that life is funny - and figuring out my path and place is a  continuous challenge. as i turn another year older i notice small changes in myself and the way i live. it's in my DNA to always think I can do better, push further, achieve more, but i've noticed that i truly believe that "me" - who i am, what i stand for, my character and all of my achievements - is good enough.

not every run will be a PR, not every boy i meet will want to fall in love with me and not every intervi…