happy new years eve!!


holiday travel

a little piece of my heart


3 days!

i love you mom!!

on the 10th day before christmas...

whats your style?

fa la la la la...

only 2 weeks until christmas!

only 2 weeks until christmas!

26 going on 18...

Joy to the World

hey, its ok!

love actually

24 days!!!



giving thanks

happy 40th anniversary to sesame street!

Happy International CJD Awareness Day

no title needed. just me blogging random hil-isms

hey, its OK!

in honor of the holiday season...

mindless reading entertainment


hurry up tuesday!

i couldnt make this shit up

cant believe im going to be 26...


a few more halloween pics

its november!

dad? is that you?

being a kid was the best

lets publish this baby!

my 200th post!

whats up dad!

one of lifes simple pleasures

yea...thats about right

this is absolutely what i believe

lemon, lime and all that jazz

new york state of mind

a new twist on boxed wine

becoming my dad

welcome to foodbuzz!

cute overload

10 little lies women tell each other


Footwork for CJD 2009

22 thoughts we have every single working day

how normal are your morals?

hey its ok...

happy october!

i thought

edited to add

thank god its friday. literally :)

its 2:17pm...what are you thinking about?

hi dad :)


and you thought your monday morning was tough...

hey, its ok!

happy birthday foxes!

"damn, yous a sexy bitch..."

10 reasons you're the best

happy one month anniversary to me!

hey, its ok...

i believe