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welcome to the family emmitt!

here is the newest member of our family: emmitt kelley!!!! mom and i went down to MD to visit drew and rachel this past weekend and to meet emmitt. WOW! loove him! love you guys!!

i got in a fight with the glitterati...

and lost. haha but serisouly, how fun is this! you can have fun with any picture, anytime.

why every daughter needs her father

(yes i know the picture is really blurry, but i wanted this post to include one of my dad's and my favorite pictures of us so i had to take a picture of a picture...haha lame i know, but it will have to do)....

that was the title of a book that caught my eye as i walked by it at target the other day. i read it as it was just an easy read of 100 reasons why a daughter needs her father. it was the cutest book i have ever seen. i debated buying it, which i may go back and do just so i have it as a reference, but i loved every reason. i think every daughter does need her father. i am coming to terms with the fact that what i have been through has tested my strength and what it means to be happy and whole, strong and confident. i am learning the true meaning of what it is to be a grown-up, and will the loss of my father i feel that i am a work in progress...and i think i am trudging this path the best i can. i think dad is proud. i think i make him laugh everyday...i think i am growing …


can you believe it has been 7 years since the attacks on the world trade center, pentagon and flight 93!? i will never forget the moment we realized what was happening. i was walking into my senior year sociology class with mr mlnyck. he had the TV on when class was beginning and left it on even after the bell rang. obviously it was fun to think that maybe that days class was going to be in school, afterall!! sadly, it was not a movie we were watching. it was real life. it was new york. it was terrorism and evil at its finest. i just want to take a minute and honor those that lost thier lives. those that lost someone they love. we are all tied together as a species and i, for one, think the aftermath of all of it is an unbelievable example of how the united states can and will rally despite anything. as a nation we will never forget. but we will grow stronger. god bless the USA.

hey its ok...

sometimes i come across these little pages in magazines and i loooove them. soo cool and inspirational. and quite frankly i agree. this one tells you things its ok to think, do, not do, etc. only paint the two nails that are on show in your peep-toes think about your eBay bid during sex

...if you have never quite mastered that public-toilet hovering move dump a perfectly nice guy. so what if he is kind, responsible and his ancestors all had full heads of hair? that does not make him right for you. delete any email that pops into your inbox with a subject line beginning FWD: FWD: FWD: own more eyeshadow than you can possibly wear in one lifetime skip the whole "i hope we can still be friends" charade. you have enough friends

these types of fun things will be a usual post for my blog. i love seeing what i agree with, what i do not, etc.

here's how you know you are growing up...

you wake up in the morning, regardless of your alarm going off. don't you hate that? you get so used to your routine that on the weekends your body is telling you at 8 in the morning that you have already “slept in.” 8 in the morning! geez, that used to be the crack of dawn in college!mornings are not the same without that initial cup of coffee. somehow redbulls, monsters, mountain dew are just not great choices anymore unless you want to sit in front of your computer shaking involuntarily. that one cup of coffee at the office officially starts your day and you are “ready” to work!making lunch dates is now an option. since you do get that one hour break in your day now, you might as well put it to use, right? it is the perfect amount of time to do have a “coffee shop” date. you know. go for coffee, and if things are normal enough, venture off to dinner. if only this would have worked in college I would have saved A LOT of time!talking about favorite TV shows is a great topic of co…

check it out

i love ricky gervais. soo soo much. so i just wanted to give him a shout out. seeing as this is my blog, i figure i can pretty much be as dorky as i want. so, heres to you ricky gervias, please keep doing what you do. youre fucking hilarious. and i cant get enough.

if youre in the need of a great laugh, or need to kill some time, check out his website:

are you there god, its me hilary

when you sit and think about it, i mean really think about it, life is so interesting. and without getting all profound and philosophical, life really is strange. more than anything, i enjoy watching people. its so intriguing to watch people do anything...walk down the street, talk on the phone, eat, run, interact. we are all human, and yet soooooooooooooo vastly different. the beauty in that is that i have realized that no matter what stupid, funny, outrageous or crazy thing i do in life, someone has done something wayyyyyyyyyyyy stranger, more annoying, or funnier. i love that!

so, god, all is ask is that you continue to help us through this journey. i think its time we were thrown a bone. win the lottery? ill take it. land a great job? sure. crush on a cool guy? um, yea do that every minute of every day, but ill always take more! just more of the same too. happiness, love, comfort and ease. so thanks. to you and everyone. the people in my life are there for a reason. so thanks. (eve…

i think i need to get me one of these

how cute are these!!? theyre postcards. BUT, for people like me, and my best friend ali, they are maps!!! no more getting lost in the worst parts of town, different cities, or heading west instead of east for hours by mistake. ehh, who am i kidding, thats part of why our lives are so fun. and quite frankly, we have fun getting lost. beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyond lost. haha. but, these postcards are pretty cute. had to share...

back to school

school is back in session. and with my apartment right by Franklin and Marshall College, i am in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of students. god bless living across the street from a fraternity. it makes me feel like im still in college. i have thoughts of going over and acting like my college sorority sister self...and acting like i belong. haha. i mean, i figure if i bring beer over im welcome!!!!

...with summer coming to a close, that inevitably means the coming of fall. ugh. i love shorts...tshirts...sunglasses...polos. i am not a jeans girl. not a sweater girl. hello, global warming...can you hear me?? id appreciate if you showed your true colors and kept the sun and all its glory here for the next few months. thanks.