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fresh new day!

i am happy to report that our 2 day juice cleanse is over!! hilariously, out of the 5 juices we were allotted each day i drank about 3. maybe 3.5 i padded my days calories with cucumbers and celery. dont be jealous! the pb&j and orange juice flavored options were phenomenal! the blueberry was decent but i hit the gym between when i started it and when i went to finish it and by the time i did get back to it it was room temperature and just didnt taste as good. the beet juice and green juices were foul. im a super healthy person, love salads, actually do like beets and still thought these were dreadful. drank a few sips of each but that was pretty much it. ugh.

we didnt do the cleanse for long enough to realllllllly analyze it, but i am happy to report i think it was a fun challenge. i missed the act of chewing food more than food itself if that makes sense. the first day i felt fuzzy, high almost. second say i felt good, very light. stomach growled a bit but drinking a lot of wate…

juice cleanse, day 2

good morning to all you lovely people who ate breakfast this morning. i hope you had super sugary, super chocolatey donut for me. we are on day 2 of this juice cleanse/detox/whatever we are doing...its only for 2 days so the end is near!!

im usually game to try just about anything, even more so when it challenges me physically. this juice idea is something the three of us had been thinking of doing and its definitely/infinitely easier when coworkers are in cahoots with you.

what i am noticing the most on this cleanse is just how much i miss the act of chewing. i dont feel hungry, per se, just light. ive been munching on celery during the day and at dinner and chewing a few pieces of gum to keep my mouth busy but thats it.

i skipped coffee yesterday COMPLETELY. that wasnt cool. i had tea instead which really idea why, but i hate the taste of hot tea. today i am drinking coffee. i am going to drink coffee going forward so i figure it was kinda cool to skip a day but its fin…


i was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a few of my best friends which never ceases to remind me to stay in the moment and remember how lucky we are. right when it seems things are really busy, really sad, really stale or just OK, weekends like this remind me how spectacular the people in my life are.

to that end, i would like to personally take a moment and remember mr dowd, who 1 year ago today, passed away suddenly. for the past year he has been upstairs hanging out with my big pops, who i just know is showing him the ropes.

id like to think they are up there fondly looking down on us as we cheer lead for them all over the place! our dads were beyond spectacular...BEYOND. they were the most selfless, athletic, successful, happy and wise men on this planet and were taken too early.

theres no easy time to grieve. theres no timeline for when it starts to hurt less. there arent any rules on how to live life without your dad. jen and i are lucky to have each other as we live this…

hk recap

wow a lot has been going on! lets start, shall we...

1. maxim spring break
i spent tuesdday-friday in panama city beach florida with team maxim (really just a coworker and myself) throwing one hell of a spring break party! in short, we hung on the beach, got badly sunburned, hung with audrina, saw too many people booty shake it, had too much bribing people to talk to and got a shoulder ride from the one and only HONKEY! he also thought anytime was a good time to pick me you can see below. it was a week of too little sleep, too much sun and too much work. craziest part happened on our way home when we boarded a broken plane only to sent off of it for 3 hours as it was fixed. by the love of god we boarded at 730pm, got into atlanta and BOOKED IT (and i mean BOOKED IT) to the other end of the airport to make a 945 connection. into laguardia at 1am to find they lost my bad. SWEET! went home, got up to hit the gym and meet the besties to play and start to mentally prepare …


hello again monday. with "spring ahead" and losing an hour this past weekend, im a tired pup today. maybe its cause i went to sleep at 5am on saturday or ran 31 miles this weekend. haha, nah, has to be losing that hour. you dont really realize the power of an hour until you get it taken away.

see, even LL is tired from losing an hour:

oh, wait, she just flirted with drugs for too long. something tells me she could use an extra hour of beauty sleep though. jesus.

heading to panama city beach tomorrow to throw a maxim springbreak party with audrina. heres to hoping i dont witness any vomit, hookups, drugs or babies being made. what am i saying?! this is maxim spring break!! i am bound to see some combination of all of that :)

started my day with a 9 mile run along the FDR. started in the dark and finished post sunrise. it was a really peaceful, great way to start my day. i found myself just feeling grateful to be out there doing my thing along the water. there arent many times…

tuesday. not nearly close enough to friday.

its tuesday. slightly better than monday, slightly less cool than wednesday. nowhere near as cool as friday.

ive come to not only look forward to but love tuesdays and thursdays for this very reason: i train with team nike and find that it totally breaks up the week. im starting to really long for night runs when its warm out and i can wear shorts and a tank. were about 50 degrees from where i like it, but i did sport shorts this past weekend in 39 degree weather. badass? duh.

all set to run 2 half marathons this month...interestingly back-to-back weekends. CrAzY excited
to run the one im doing on march 17th...jen is coming down!!! this is a pattern i could get seriously used to! the second one, the 23rd, should be fun...its in flushing meadows, which is an area ive done no running in (exciting new paths!)

good lord tuesday, you have been long. going to go run a few miles and then go home and pig out :)

hi monday. fuck.

morning all! its monday again...oh wait, you already knew that. and probably feel it maybe even more so.

the 13a girls had a fantastic weekend! first of all we welcomed our new roomie anatasia. while shes fantastic (i mean hello, wed never ask her to be our roomie if she wasnt incredble) her parents are equally adorable!!

currently three of us are single while chi is dealing with will's recent relocation to hotlanta. so we bar hopped on saturday. met a few dudes, gave out a few numbers and made a few future dates. went to bed at 4:30am...after a showdown outside windor. ohh joe griffin.

up at 9:30am to hit the gym on sunday, im admittedly tired today. no, i im not trying to ellicit sympathy, i mean noone made me stay out that late or hit the gym. the real issue is that im just not much of a late sleeper. its annoying when we party like were 22 and my body refuses to be lazy the day after. while i was exhausted running and on the elliptical i powered through (thank you starbucks).…