Monday, November 30, 2009

love actually

one of my favorite movies!!

i just got a text from him telling me its playing at the arc light tonight (fun, cool, amazing theater here) and he has an extra ticket and wants to invite me. YES PLEASE! omg, im so excited. now im like a 6-year old at work who cant focus.

i posted the movie cover, cause, well, im that excited. and it made my post cooler than just my words :)  haha.

if you havent seen it yet, rent it! and if you have, what did you think? im open to any opinions...if you hated it, thats cool!

24 days!!!

yes. thats right. im going to be that daughter that counts down until her mommy comes to visit her 3000 miles away to spend a few precious days over christmas. yep. i am . no apologies :) haha.

the kelley girls neeed to hang out. my god...its been since the end of august. can you believe it will have been 4 months!!!??! sooo wrong.

love you momma :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...and as young and beautiful as ever.



Its so funny to be in LA this morning...this is the first year I am on my own for Thanksgiving and not meeting up with family. Granted, I will see them later in the weekend, but nothing formal or set. Its so funny how complicated life can get when you get older (or, quite frankly, are at the mercy of a job that you are only 3 months into). As much as I wish I could be home right now, hanging with my family and friends, being back east, and celebrating moms bday, a part of me is glad this holiday is really low-key this year. I think I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I plan to take some time for myself throughout the weekend. Hell, I might even venture out on Friday and see the craziness that is black friday (I was working last year). I plan to cook in my apartment. Watch some movies. Help a friend (one of my bests) through through a really, really, really tough time.

I am thankful for my health and happiness. I am thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful for me.

I have been thinking about dad a lot this week. I have had some sad moments, some tears, some laughs. I am remembering the thanksgiving we spent together when I was living in philly...he was so great with me (adjusting to everything)...and it was right before he was diagnosed. He was the ultimate. Just my best friend. (as far as dads go). He really, my life was great. Strong. Sorted.

Is it possible for me to ever feel that again? I dont know. But I will continue to live for him in hopes that I am the woman he would be proud to call his only daughter. God damn, I am lucky. And thankful.

Life is just one of those things that you really cant sum up. Well I cant. I like that...but it makes for some fuzzy times. Its going to be a great holiday season...I feel it in my bones!!!! (and know that dad is the one ringing the bell the loudest!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

giving thanks

its that time of year again.
i cant believe thanksgiving is in 3 days.

throughout this week i will be posting what i am thankful for, who i am thankful for, and all that jazz.
ill pepper it with things i am looking forward to, whats on my mind and other hilisms that come about.

its a tough time of year knowing that a great cup of coffee with my dad is all i want.
going for a run in the frosty, east coast air is what i crave.
blasting christmas songs, lounging in slippers and watching movies with my family is the best.
helping mom cook the dinner, laughing with drew about life and being "us", and loving every minute
of time with my family. they are my best friends, and i am the luckiest daughter/sister :)

...but, lets be honest, theyre pretty lucky to have me too! right!? hello?! are you still there??! haha......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy 40th anniversary to sesame street!

these guys were a huge part of my childhood. we have classic home videos of me talking about bert and ernie. and i do mean classic. they are some of the funniest videos/comments...right drew and mom!!!!??? so, just wanted to give them a little blog love...keep on rockin' sesame street!!!

Happy International CJD Awareness Day

Hi Guys!! I wanted to point out the fact that today is interntional cjd awareness day. This cause is dear to my heart, and one in which I plan to dedicate my life to, helping when and where I can, no matter how small. I know you all feel the same way. I wanted to share an email i got from nikki (looooove her!!!) and post it here for you to read. It gave me the chills. I am so honored to be a part of this cjd family (obviously, none of us "want" to be, but we are), and I have met, talked with, and learned from so many great people. We are truly an amazing group of people, and I cant wait until we reach the day that cjd is no longer incurable. I know we are going to get there. for all those lives lost, and all of us who are left to figure out what the hell happened, this post is for you. for my family, friends, and fellow cjd followers, I love you. we are united forever. thank you for the strength you have given me. I am so truly honored to know you. Love, Hil

Today is International CJD Awareness Day. Over the past two years, I've learned many things about CJD but the most important is this - other than finding a curse, education is one of the most important areas that a CJD advocate can focus on. If is for this reason that I would like to share this letter, which was written by Roseann Bray. Roseann lost her husband Dave to CJD has become a dear friend. Roseann, like so many of us who have lost a loved one to CJD, is well aware of the horrors of this disease and has found solace in reaching out to other CJD survivors and educating the public about this rare disease. I hope that by reading this letter, you will be inspired to join our cause and pass it along. Thank you once again for all the support you have given my familiy since mom's illness and death.. If you are able to join us on Saturday, November 14 for Footwork for CJD we would love to have you. If you are unable, then please say a prayer for all those traveling to be with us in Fairmont and for all those currently battling CJD.

A Letter from a CJD Foundation Family

Member about International CJD Day

Dear Friends, Family, and all who have touched our lives,

Wednesday, November 12th, 2009 is International CJD Day. I am asking that you all take a few minutes this day to EDUCATE yourselves, your friends, your neighbors, your students and your colleagues on the advances and breakthroughs in CJD research. To our friends in the medical community, November 12th would be an exemplary day to call and schedule an appointment for a Grand Round meeting with the CJD Foundation. You would be able to learn first hand from experts in the field. And you, in turn, can take that knowledge and EDUCATE, diagnose, and spread the word about the advances of CJD research. It is you, our friends in the medical community that we depend on to help us EDUCATE the populace about the truths of this horrific disease. To our friends and family, you saw first hand how this disease kills. It not only destroys the physical body but it takes the soul. And it takes the souls of the family members as well. To EDUCATE our neighbors and community of the truths and the myths is a must. So please, help us spread the word. Let us make November 12th, International CJD Day, a day of unity in which we all join forces to EDUCATE the populace to the reality of this horrific disease and the hope for a cure in the near future. Share this letter with everyone you know and eventually CJD will come to the forefront; it will no longer hide in the dark and only come out when it is ready to kill.

I am thanking you in advance for your help.

Roseann Bray

on behalf of David C. Bray, Sr., 11/8/1947 - 10/12/2006

For additional information please contact: The Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation at 1-800-659-1991 or

If you would like to hear about our story (David and Roseann) you may contact Roseann at 724-212-3771 or 412-961-2729 or bluiebray1@netzero

I use Goodsearch for the CJD Foundation and so can you - one penny from every search goes to the CJD Foundation - it all adds up! Find out more at

Please help us fight Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - learn more at

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

no title needed. just me blogging random hil-isms

mom and i are always joking back and forth regarding how/why/where certain cliches came from. "i gotta see a man about a horse" was always a popular one with my dad. hahaha, but what the hell does it mean??! it makes mom and i crack up every time!!

anyway, i get thinking about life, and dad and funny things that just pop in my head. happens quite often.
i live in los angeles. ha...still so funny to me. i dont know if anything in life, will ever again, feel real. i feel like i have done, seen, felt, heard and touched a lot of things in life. i have allowed myself (and quite frankly, forced myself) to really grow and mature in situations. i feel pretty great about turning 26. and why shouldnt i...its not like i can change it :) haha. as i grow up, i really feel like i am learning "me." one of the greatest things about getting older is learning to appreciate yourself, learn yourself, and learn what makes you happy. i love standing for things i like, learning not to compromise on certain things. i like it. i like me. no, no, not all the time, and everyone in my life will tell you how stupidly, ridiculously, unbelievably hard on myself i am. that will never stop. but i am learning how to grow into hilary armstrong kelley. a name and a person i truly like. love. (even if there are zillions of things i like to continue to improve, maintain and learn about). cause once you think you are everything you should be...thats it. the road is over. i never want to get there. there is always something more to learn, to do, to say.

thanks mom and dad, i learned all that from you.

hey, its OK! dream of a white (sand and red bikini) Christmas insist they use a coaster want to speak frankly at the big holiday meal. "whats up with me? im PMSing and plotting to kill my boss, but at least im getting laid a lot!!" think every jar of super-chunky peanut butter should come with a spoon be that special kind of uptight that makes you pause the present-opening to smooth out and fold the wrapping paper for future reuse still sleep best in your old twin bed at Mom's house send a holiday card only from you: no babies, no pets, just you and the Taj Mahal, looking festive

in honor of the holiday season...

i bring you a fun and entertaining list of 6 times its great to be naughty, and 3 times you should be nice

6 times to be naughty:
*when it has sprinkles on top
*when youre babysitting your nephew and he asks for s'mores for dinner
*whenever you're within, oh, a football field's length of a sprig of magic mistletoe
*when the dress makes you look sexier than the bride (who wrote that dumb rule, anyway?)
* when the seating gods put you next to the hottest guy on the plane
*the day before you make your resolutions

3 times to be nice:
*the morning after he was naughty in exactly the way you asked him to be
*when the gift isnt perfect, but the giver is damn close
*when you've already tried being naughty and it didnt work

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mindless reading entertainment

heres your daily dose of i-tore-this-out-of-a-magazine-and-wanted-to-share-it!!

hey, its OK...
...if yesterday's workout involved you on top of him - and not the treadmill
...if you find it amusing that the man on the bus cant stop watching you eat that banana not re-heel your shoes until they sound like tap shoes quickly minimize your eamil when your nosiest colleague comes over have a degree but no cluse how to change a plug flinch like a scalded cat when you pick up a dress with a $1000 price tag. but then make like you can totally afford it not get why everyone thinks taylor momson is a style crush. she looks like courtney love boast about getting asked for ID have double standards about big bums. women are allowed them, men are not

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


did you all watch the NYC marathon?! I AM SO EXCITED!! i think the winner was adorbs (ive read a lot about him in runners world), and was so proud to watch him finish...he was so proud to be wearing USA colors!! i got the chills. Finally, after 27 years, an american has once again claimed victory on our home turf!!

dad was totally watching that! one of these years, dad, drew and i will run your honor!

hurry up tuesday!

today feels like a major time warp. it was 9:15, then 9:16 and it just wouldnt pass by quickly. the 11 o'clock hour was painful, then a quick lunch and now a very slow afternoon. why are some days like that?!

here i sit, at 2:45 and i just cant help but wish it was 4:45. jesus. 2 hours. brutal. on top of that, my tv lost its signal last night so i cant watch it. cable guy said "it looks fine on my end", to which i replied, "well, its not working so can you please help me". no he cant. and he cant send a guy until at least the weekend. ohh, well fabulous.

so, pray for a miracle guys. pray that when i go home, it will have miraculously figured itself out. id really like that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

i couldnt make this shit up

im the girl in my group that all my friends say "that shit would only happen to you, hil"
its pretty crazy. and every time i tell friends stories, it really is hilarious some of the things that happen to me.

that brings me to the latest incident. it was friday night and i wanted to go grab a magazine to read. i was relaxing after work, waiting for buds to shower, and just had two streets to walk to grab an awesomely bad gossip mag.

here i sweats, uggs, and a fleece. its pitch black (only like 7 o'clock) and im just walking all innocently. i go to cross the street (which is a very neighborhoody street...not busy at all...its home to farmers markets, a cvs, cafes, etc.) a very beachy street. all of a sudden sirens blare, lights flash and a cop rolls down his window to yell at me to "walk to the curb young lady". WTF?!?!? he steps out and asks for my ID. (good thing i was buying something, so i was carrying it, but who the hell walks with it normally...douchebag).

yep. i got a ticket. a fucking jaywalking ticket. are you fucking serious? they actually give those out?!? there wasnt a drug bust or a rape going on somewhere that you could actually help with? no? and was all the siren and yelling and lights necessary. pretty sure he just needs to get laid.

ill let you all know how much it costs...cause im pretty sure this is ridiculous. only i would get one of those. and, although i totally broke down on the phone right after with my mom (i was already fighting thoughts about dad, and this just put me over), she thought it was hysterical. how is that for perspective!! my mom totally made light of it...we laughed for a while, and i felt so much better. and when i told my friends the story they thought it was a riot!

but i mean, really?! ohh, and i totally didnt care about the magazine after that. i had my own drama gossip in real time! hahaha :)

cant believe im going to be 26...

well, actually 25 (again). see, craig and i are hosting our birthdays together (we do have the same birthday, afterall) and decided it was perfect. he is the best guy ever, and im so excited. i have loved every minute of living so close to him. um, am i developing a crush?! :) ooooo

anyway, today we officially sent out the email invites!! its pretty much just all day drinking with tons of our friends and hanging out at the grove (outdoor mall, farmers market, bars, etc). yea...sounds pretty great.

i cant tell you guys how much i adore the friends i have made out here.

anyway, i will keep you guys posted on pics and stories from the big day!...until then i have a story that i will share on the next post.


hey all!
please see below:

Use Goodsearch for the CJD Foundation - one penny from every search goes to the CJD Foundation - it all adds up! Find out more at Just type in our cause and search the web the way you normally would.

This is HUGE! I am so excited. Its so simple!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a few more halloween pics

its november!

wow! cant believe its november already!
this is going to be a quick post, but i hope everyone had a fun halloween!

i had a blast. pre-partied at deweys house and went to the west hollywood parade.
it was such an amazing night. i saw, did, tasted, smelled, etc more craziness than i could imagine.
welcome to los angeles! haha :)

anyway, here are a few random pics of craig, ben and i goofing around their apt in our costumes.