hey, its ok...


taking a look back

a rarity: a to-dont list

Hey, its OK!


how do you mourn?

its that time of year again...


happy december

57 years young.

a day of thanks.

never underestimate the power of something.

a few things i am thankful for.

craigy ferg.


its the birthday weekend

on a lighter note...

happy international cjd day!


officially november.

tomorrow is november

happy halloween!

the charms of my apt keep showing themselves


11 days

just sayin'...

time to ramble


hi there bloggie!

hkpa blog 2.0

hello lanc!

saturday the 14th

hungry? yea me too...i think ill take a bite of the "big apple"

today is a very special day.

celebrity running

just a few things on my mind

what a year

a little glamour entertainment

its official!

big day

you know youre growing up when...

sorry bloggie!

thanks mom

hey, its ok!

10 things that never cross a mans mind

am i ready to head back to the snow?!

happy mothers day!!

i blame my hormones

confessions of a blogger

signs it wasnt you - it was him

10 things to say to your mom (after happy mothers day, of course)

hey, its ok!

hey, its ok!

hi bloggies!

happy april fools day!

i am such a kid on friday.

life must be a woman...cause she can be such a bitch.

couldnt have said it better myself

10 ways to fix a bad day fast...

this is one bitch i could get behind...

3 weeks

edited to add:

today is friday

fact of the day

its cool, if i werent me id want to steal my identity too.

the company you keep says a lot about you...

over to the dark side...

did you feel the love?

more of the good stuff...

here is your daily dose of "hey, its ok!"

i cant believe its been two years