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happy new years eve!!

doesnt it seem like yesterday it was new years eve right before we celebrated the new millenium and were panicked the world was ending with Y2K??

fast forward a decade (?!) and here we are. celebrating the end of 2009 and welcoming 2010. its amazing what can happen in 10 years...graduating high school, college, new jobs, new cities, losing my dad, changing my hair color, running half marathons, and soo soo much more. the years from 16 to 26 are so crazy. you go through so much in those, many times, awfully angsty, painful years. these are the years of unsureness, searching, angst, growth and development, and confusion. you are expected to learn and develop a sense of yourself, while hopefully finding a job, obtaining and sustaining relationships, paying bills (pain in the ass), and growing up in to a confident person. theres a lot of shit to juggle at this age. i do agree that your 20s are tough. i think life is tough...but i sometimes feel extra annoyed that i am not at an age where …


not going to lie...ive been a little bit low since returning to LA from my whirlwind christmas weekend. although i only saw my mom for a total of 44 hours (including sleep), it was the most special and amazing time. i hadnt seen her in 4 months, and hadnt been east in 6 months. what the fuck man?!

you know you gotten hit with a little homesickness when watching tv makes you tear up. i was just flipping channels but i got bummed thinking about my purpose in life and all that crap. i definitely shed a tear. id really like my momma to move out here. id really like to work with her again.

anyone doing anything crazy for new years?! i cant believe its tomorrow night!!

happy new year :)
heres to a fabulous 2010!

a little piece of my heart

being that it is a special time of year, i wanted to take a minute and just thank you all for supporting me throughout my life. at the ripe old age of 26, i am on one hell of a leg of my journey. having just moved to los angeles, i am now 3800 miles away from the women that gave me life. but, in my heart, i am with her always. now, drew, on the other hand, is probably so happy to finally have some space between us! haha just kidding. my crew from home and i are tied for life. some how, some way, we all found each other and have remained "us" since. we got through high school, college, first jobs, new cities, shitty boyfriends, first loves, new jobs, cooler boyfriends, nights of tears, nights of laughs, nights of too-much-drunkiness that we peed in public, deaths, surgeries, bad hair experimentation, being broke, road trips, and soo SOO soo much more that i am just so fucking proud to have experienced. my girls, i love you. i cant wait to play in these next 50 years :)

im goi…


i have mentioned that at any given time, i have a zillion thoughts scrambling in this head of mine. i have concluded that everyone can feel all these different things all at once. maybe not all the time, but some times. they just don’t talk about it. i have a million different opinions in one day. i stare at dudes i wanna make-out with, and the minute they open their mouth, i wanna run. sometimes i make-out with them first and then run. i think about how i don’t want to be tied down and how much i love being single, but the minute it gets cold out, i want a boy who ‘gets’ me/knows me/loves me- to cuddle with. the point is: everyone can be a complete contradiction. we’re all just figuring it out. hopefully not hurting anyone’s feelings along the way.

and, then, sometimes, even for me, one skeaky dude weasels his way into my life and into my heart and snags a teeeeensy little piece of it. before i know it, i seem to actually like this guy. im sorry, what? i dont remember this being a pa…

3 days!

tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la la la la la!!
come on, sing it with me!

ok, ok, so, im a little excited. its SOO hard to focus at work, knowing that in 3 days im catching a flight home. i have ADD anyway...this just makes it that much worse! haha :)

mom and i are besties, and i heart her more than anything.
i need a mom hug and kiss and movie date and dinner and ice cream and presents and bestie time!

i love you mom!!

i have been having a rather hard/exhausting/chaotic/ridiculous week (waa waa, yea i know dad!), but it was really starting to get me down. if you know anything about me, you know how hard i am on myself...i want to get it all done, do it well, feel great, be happy and enjoy my night. i have been having trouble relaxing. now, if there is another think you know about me its that i am moody. born that way. cant help it. we have the most hilarious home videos documenting this (quite literally, movie magic!).

that said, i called my mom on way home from work yesterday, as i always do. i told her how i was feeling, and how i blamed being born moody. her response?! "hilary, you were born perfect"
(whats that i hear? angels singing?!)

i mean, what?! is that not the most adorable/perfect/sincere/amazing response ever! i mean really. ok, now please bear with me. i am posting that solely for the purpose of emphasizing how amazing my mom is...not highlighting the fact that she thinks im per…

on the 10th day before christmas... head was racing! i was working! it was tuesday!
it is december 15th already. so insane!
this is actually annoying, but already this morning i was thinking that in 2 weeks i will be back at work after my trip home. haha, i know, my brain is annoying. i told you! i just cant seem to shut it off!

in ten days mom and i will be BESTIES REUNITED. a weekend spent watching tv, movies, sleeping, or out shopping, checking out clooneys new movie (date night!!), or cooking. its going to be the greatest 3 days of my life. i cant believe it will have been 6 months since i have been home. thats sick. i cant wait to see and play with the kitties!!!!! i miss those guys :)

been thinking about dad a lot. i think i always will. but i really feel like im in a good place. granted that feeling comes and goes, and always will. good days and bad days are par for the course of life :) you can quote me on that.

so as i trek my way through it, i channel those i love, those i aspire to please and make prou…

whats your style?

ok, so this time of year you hear it everywhere. you think about it all the time. you stress about it. you compare how you do it to others. you hope you think of all the best ideas, get all the perfect ones. every other magazine ad, tv ad and radio commercial is about it. what, exactly, am i talking about??

none other than christmas shopping!!!!!

are you one of those people, like my grandmother, who christmas shop a whole year ahead. no, i am not kidding. her presents are already being bought for christmas 2010. yea. i never understood it either. in fact, its a cute way we tease her, because quite frankly, i dont want a 2009 shirt in 2010. why cant we just get it now?! haha.

then there are my best friends and brother who are out on christmas eve just hoping to get a decent something-or-other. christmas 2 years ago was hilarious when drew and i went to park city on christmas eve to get presents. the fun part is that my family is SUPER low maintenance so it works. we arent fussy, and my…

fa la la la la...

dreary days make me crave warmth. happy. pretty. so, since im at work and cant really do too much with all of that, heres a cute pic i came across. enjoy. and, hopefully, itll buy you one minute of un-boredom on this crazy long work day.

only 2 weeks until christmas!

i am counting down the days until i catch my red eye christmas eve night, and get to hug my mom as soon as i get off the plane!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

we are gearing up to just play all weekend!! i cant freakin wait.

its hard to believe that i havent been back east since i flew out to SF to run this summer.
it will have been 5 months when i get home. man oh man. time flies.

my mom is already warning me about how cold it is! its actually chilly here too, so im already quite acclimated. not quite the same, i know, but close enough. we dont have heat at work, so i kinda get it.

i am happy its friday. it has been a pretty long, tiring week. i think the added coldness, dreariness and uck that is rainy winter weather mixed with the sheer excitement of going home have all added to it. my mom and i get to have a 2-day slumber party! oh dear god, i just cant wait!!

so, this post is a little erratic, and wordy and spastic. yes. i know. but its friday, im on edge getting…

26 going on 18...

as i adjust to life here in California, and learn to really "get" that i live here, i am really starting to feel more and more like i am back in college. let’s go through the checklist, shall we?

im far away from home
i dont get nearly enough sleep

i have the most awesome guy friends and hang
with them all the time

my typical uniform is hoodies, thermals and roos (a la american apparel, urban, etc)

i search for any spare change under my car seats to pay for soda

i use my apartment complex washer and dryer, and get super excited when its
available when i need it to be

im broke 98% of the time (no, not really. i just wish i had money like my dad)

i take a lot of shots. sure, theres wine with dinner, but more often than not
we arent classy drinkers

there are so many more things too. just cracks me up. i love the little life i have created out here. special shout out to ben and craig. the two loves of my life. without you guys, well, lets just not even go there :)

Joy to the World


i know i know i already covered that.
but, you see, its my blog, and i can repeat myself as often as i see fit ;) hehe.

plus, this time of year just gets me. i blame the music, the lights, the candy canes, movies, the hot chocolate, the love in the air, my ungodly out-of-control boy craziness and all things cozy.

i mean its christmas time people! loosen up! love it! it will be gone again before you know it and you can take the other 11 months of the year to piss around. right now, im obsessed with all things happy. too many people out and about? yes...there are. but its fun. traffic really sucks?? does. for the guy ahead of you too. and the mom behind you. we all hate traffic and are annoyed. not just you :) pump up the tunes, hit the heater button and relax! and make some phone calls. or just groove and sing along. itll be ok i swear.

i have my scrooge moments too. not mad or mean ones, but those of sadness and longing for my dad :) i miss him dearly. daily. howev…

hey, its ok! be irationally annoyed when no one compliments your brand new dress order your favorite take out over and over. if it aint broke, why fix it? be weirdly obsessed with miniature shampoos, fun-sized chocolate bars, mini mascaras, etc. have a "to hell with it" moment and leave your car in an inner-city park overnight be outraged when a friend "steals" your favorite baby name. you claimed that one when you were 12, dammit tell your mobile phone company youre thinking of leaving, when you have no intention of doing so. gets results!

...if you "forgot" to reply to boring texts that simply ask, "how are you?" have santa baby or all i want for christmas is you on your ipod. all those scrooges out there, two words: lighten up!