Monday, February 29, 2016

nothing like enjoying a bonus day in february!

today is leap day - well, to everyone and everything except for my watch! its already telling me its 3/1 - which is highly annoying to switch but simultaneously exciting since its basically spring. and no, thats not a challenge to you winter, you can begin to fade away :)

I realize as a passionate runner I will deal with my fair share of aches and pains.  I am fairly certain even doctors believe if we aren’t in some sort of constant state of sore, were not actually runners.
That said, for the past few days (couple of weeks) I have felt uncomfortable sore. basically, my worst fear – nagging patches of tenderness.

I refuse to say its anything more serious than that, for no other reason than the principal of it. 
to help aid (or speed up) recovery I’ve gone to kryotherapy twice. I also havent overdone it – haha, well to me I haven't. But my threshold for what is normal isn’t exactly, well, normal. 

the weather has been mild for a few days which makes it hard to not want to grab a few miles – and I resent not feeling great enough to do so. even though I am a stubborn runner through-and-through, I will take a few days to cross train and see how things go. GAH! 

im so crazy excited its march 1!!! Its finally that time when I start to believe there is a light at the end of the winter tunnel and its not going to be painfully freezing forever. 

heres to feeling healed quickly and all those lucky pennies I’ve found doing their job :)

just a few weekend pics - it was a colorful few days :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lets just cheers Sunday.

Sunday is that day of the week where we can sleep in, sip our coffee slowly and move at a slower pace with absolutely ZERO guilt. 

The rest of the week is spent moving at a pace for other people - finishing a project for your boss, dash to dinner with a date or needing to rush home for the landlord. or whatever other 99394375784 demands there are on our time. 

weekends (when not working) are mine. and hanging out with good friends and family is the way i like to spend my weekend days.


and running. we do lots of running. everyone has their vice - drinking, drugs, sex, food, whatever. I'm part of a crew who's vice is sweat. and a touch of wine. but mostly sweat.

and now that we've had bouts of springlike weather, I'm getting super excited!! training is better in mild weather. i do like a few runs in the brutal cold/blizzard/downpours - it reminds us were badass, crazy, insane, whatever. but a tank and shorts? any day.

happ sunday all - can't wait until its the weekend again :)
...until then, I'm getting ready to do battle with the workweek! #cheers

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ever have one of those days where you get really excited about crossing something off your TO DO list — only to then be given 3 more things to add? 
Haha, its starting to feel like this happens every day. 

Busy people problems, amiright?

So the world survived Valentine’s Day! The funny thing is, I actually had a dude this year – well, up until about a week before Valentine’s Day! The day before I was set to attend a Super Bowl party with him — and two of his close friends — he freaked. Freaked about the future (we had been dating for a month) and freaked that his friends would love me and that would suck if we ever broke up.

Him: “well, Hil, what if things don’t work out and they continue to ask about you. I mean that would be sad for everyone – like, what would I say?”
Me: “say what?”

He proceeded to text me that he missed me while he was at the party (I told him he’s confusing) as well as put me on blast for loving running.

Him: “yea hil, so I think youre right. I will never support your running”
Me: “hahaha, ok”

I mean, what else do you say?! We all get one shot at life – and im fully aware mine needs to be spent with athletic, motivated people. If you aren’t in that bucket, I am no for you. No hard feelings.

So, back to the dating pool. Next dude I date will need to be an athlete - I can't handle another dude who just caaaaaaaaant be bothered with a chick who runs. 

Since I dont have a boyfriend, ill just go back to that time I surfed in Hawaii with one of my high school friends who is gorge. Surfs up everyone! Plus, that time some of my fave running friends tackled the snow with me. These were taken 2 months apart - and while I loved both days, Hawaii ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF.