Wednesday, July 31, 2013

marathon training. holy hell.

ok, so the title was all for dramatics. i sickeningly love marathon training. more than that, i just like to get up, go sweat "it" out and feel better about myself, life, everything. i train pretty hard in my everyday life...only different with legit marathon training is now im running heavier mileage than i might but that im pretty sure will stick even after the marathon. versus last year i def love running more and do it better. guess thats how it works, right?!

with the 3 month countdown upon us, mileage is really ramping up. ive been running 50-60+ mileage weeks...a lot for me! we ran 30 miles last was hilariously amazing and awesome except for the whole "im suffering severely from sinus migraines and vertigo" but whatever.

this weekend looks to be more of the same. scheduled 14+ on saturday (hopefully i can eek out 18) and 10+ on sunday. ive been running 15 or so a couple days a week (10 solo miles in the AM and 4-5 in the PM at run club) so im getting in the miles. so cellulite...take a hike?

im awaiting cat scan results for my sinuses which i hope will come back with nothing or something easy and simple and easily fixable. its been pretty miserable and would love an answer and relief soon.

the kind of hell i will happily visit...