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clear your mind however you damn well please.


were all dealing with shit. every day life throws us curve balls and we have to figure out ways to deal, and more importantly, thrive from these lessons. (if you arent thrown curve balls are you human? a robot? did you pay god like a billion dollars to leave you alone? if so, totally put in a good word for me, haha)

one of my favorite and most successful ways of dealing with love, life, loss, and all the other crazy shit in my life is lacing up and going for a run. its free, its right there waiting for you and best of all, its hard. it works your heart, your body and your spirit. it makes me feel alive and has the amazing ability to make me feel like i can handle anything. running clears my head of all the white noise that life puts in my head.

i used to seriously downplay how much i loved running and fitness (beyond the fact that people knew i was in somewhat decent shape). i used to hate having to explain why i loved running, working out or trying to eat healthy and not drink a ton as if it was crazy behavior. i changed. i am me and what i love to do is nothing to be ashamed of, ever. i am an athlete, i was born one and will die one. if you think its weird id rather wear nike tempo shorts than the newest louboutins or get up at 5am on a tuesday rather than sleep in, thats ok. i know those people i pass every day on the road or in the park get me. and i get them. and ive realized if going for a run allows me to clam my mind, theres nothing crazy about it at all :)