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hkpa blog 2.0

as you may notice, i changed my lil bloggie a bit. as i find myself amidst a move of 3000 miles, i figure my blog should change right along with me.

im heading to the city tomorrow for a few days of what i refer to as "spending the day getting lost". its how i got to know LA, and its how i anticipate getting to know NYC. its the best way for me to learn a big city. ill head back to lanc on friday to spend labor day weekend here, and head back to new york to continue apt hunting next week (noone was available to show us apts this week as its a holiday).

im off to get my car.

hello lanc!

i am back in the land of the amish! i landed friday morning after a red eye home and have been exhausted ever since (doesnt help when you party until 4am with friends, i know...) but all worth it! i have some hilarious stories i will be sure to share...stay tuned!

since i landed, i have had the most overwhelming emotions. i have felt ready to cry, and even want to leave. it wasnt until last night when all my best friends got together to party that i felt safe. my life is in a bit of a limbo right now. im living my life and believe 100% in myself, and just know that i am going to figure it out, but moving across the country definitely does not come without its issues. i cant help but feel in my moms way, and desperately want an apt of my own. ill elaborate, but we are jetting to a movie

i will do some serious posting later with necessary updates and details, but until then, heres a sneak peak at flicks engagement party...we took tons of pics!

saturday the 14th

that just doesnt have quite the same ring as friday the 13th, eh? oh well, itll have to do.

so here i am on a saturday morning after a really, really late night out, drinking a latte and eating popchips. why is it that i cant sleep worth shit on days that i can (it is saturday, afterall), but am desperate for sleep during the week, when i have to get up. grr. just one of the many ironies of life i suppose.

12 days until moving day. its going to suck going a few days without cable or internet, but hey, a girl can survive right?! im going out for a celebratory dinner tonight with the armies. so excited.
(so i moved out here a year ago...and was in such better shape. 15 pounds lighter, kinda strict, etc. life just got in my apologies. except, my clothes dont fit. haha.)

id like to think dad is up there smiling down on me. if he is proud, nothing else matters. id like to think i am getting to a point where i believe someone will love me for me. i tend to "run" so-to-spe…