Saturday, June 27, 2009


been a while since i blogged. between this and facebook, myspace and my written journal its hard to decide what to write where and when.

so, though i feel like i have tons to share, theres almost too much. and wayy too many laughs.
but, an update on some hot topics:

*id like to start by saying RIP michael jackson. i take comfort knowing he is up there teaching my dad how to moonwalk. hehe....

*mom and i had wayy to much fun in cali. im pretty sure were still recovering. yea....

*drew i are registered for the race, and leave in less than a month! WOO!!! i got new kicks the other day cause it had been over a year...sweet.

omg, so much going on in life. ill be back to post later...i feel rather ADD right now...what else is new, haha!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

what a great day

i got a call this morning telling me that i didnt have to go into work. WOO!!!
(i had to stop in anyway to pick up my paycheck and get my schedule for next week, but i had a bit of a oomph in my step knowing that i wouldnt be staying all day).

with the good news, i called mom and we pittered around doing random errands that we love to do together. she told me that gamma was picking her up at 1:45 to go pay a visit to the Schweizers. she was recently in a fender bender and hurt her neck pretty bad. fred himself is 93, and who doesnt love to see him!!! loaded with 4 gallons of ice cream (yes, 4), we made our way to their house.

low and behold, who answers the door.......FREDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um, im slightly obsessed. he has been such a mentor to me, and my very own life cheerleader and coach. just freakin awesome. it was sooo soo soo great to see him. we all sat around the table and chatted. i find something so precious about older generations...i mean, at 93 (shes not quite there yet...), they are still so cute. he watches her as she talks, they sleep in the same bad, their house is immaculate and beyond beautiful, and they are so fun to be with.

i want to give them a big thank you for hanging out with us today. i have to admit, i caught myself looking at fred on more than one occassion, just picturing my dad being 93. i would have killed for that. i think my dad would still be running marathons...and still hanging out with me! he too, would still be pounding the ice cream! i think he and my mom would make the cutest couple at 93...cause at 53 they were stunners. STUNNERS! mom still is, and i cant wait to see her at 93. well, lets be real, i can wait. cause im in no hurry to see me at 63. lets take bets we think ill have had a boyfriend for longer than a year by then....hahhaa.....

so i have to be at work pretty early tomorrow, but i was thrilled to not go int oday. i spent the afternoon with some amazing people. and freddie, if youre reading this, expect an email next week. haha. you rock :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

simply random

i was going to write a post all about what is going on in my head right now, but decided im too tired.
instead, im just going to tell you how fucking hilarious "the hangover" was, and how you must go see it. i havent laughed that hard in a really long time. i SO needed it. the icing on the cake was watching bradley cooper for a hour and a half. i so love him :) haha. its weird though, i have a guy friend that is the spitting image of him (only 15 years younger)...looks, voice, personality. we even dated. funny.

happy sunday all. my days are so mixed up...does not feel like sunday at all. but whatever, it is. haha. alright well, im off to be lazy...i applied to a few jobs, and now am just going to relax before starting the week. au revoir.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

vote for me!!

i entered myself to be "joes next model"...a national denim company that is searching for its next face. its launching a global ad campaign soon, and you have the chance to vote for me until june 24. i know you all know this, but i in no way think i am anything crazy cool. i just love things like this. SOOOOO, if you dont mind, please go to and vote for me!! THANK YOU THANK YOU ahead of time. hahahhaa.......