Friday, October 31, 2008

cjd memorial walk

thanks to nikki, dad will now be memorialized along the cjd walk. he will have his name and date added. i am blogging really quick at work so i will include info about all of this later and what its all about, but i was just so excited about this that i wanted to write something real speedy. i am so floored to have met these amazing people through the blog world. i hope everyone is having a happy halloween!! cant wait to hear about peoples costumes. and pictures!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

kelley girls back in action!

sleep?! whats that!? mom and i have had a very full few weeks...putting in some 60+ hour weeks. for the first few days of painting we went home with pink paint in our hair and all over our clothes and shoes. haha!! it has been hysterical painting the walls (um, they are 14 foot um, yea try and picture that!!!!), acid-washing the floor (um, hello acid is crazy and our floor was steaming!!) and the insane job of organizing thousands of products. good lord! but, i am so happy to be back working with my sidekick. (aaaaand, there are adorable boys everywhere...from the property manager, to the facilites manager), so we are having a great time. its been tough though, and we are working 7 days a week.

the other night (perfectly freezing and pouring rain) a work friend and one of my good guy friends went to see quarantine. nothing ends a long day at work better than a rabid-infested zombie movie!! haha. anyone seen it?! it was fun cause my guy friend is a baby when it comes to scary movies (me too a little, as i think everyone is) and was hysterically funny on the way home. he was freaking out cause there was so much fog, and my explanation of it being 1am, wet, rainy and cold wasnt helping him.

hmm, just wanted to say hi to Nikki and Lacy! HI GIRLS!!!!

ok, back to work!!! haha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

meet lacy

mom told me about this blog that was in the newest CJD newsletter. i had not read it yet, but she was eager to share this with me. her name is lacy and she lost her dad to sporadic CJD in october of 2007. you can read all about her on her blog: she has the same ideas we all do for wanting to spread the word and raise money. after reading her blog i felt so connected to her, i emailed her. i am looking forward to learning more about her and her story, as i hope you all enjoy her blog as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

nothing like a little baby pink mascara...

officially started work at azura today. it was a crazy labor-intensive day. mom and i tag-teamed and painted 4 walls. baby pink!!! we had to go buy the paint, and the guy at sherwin williams was hilarious (and im pretty, scratch that, definitely sure, in love with my mom). he was flirting, it was adorable. anyway, there is so much to do at the store...we spent hours with lights, shelves, walls, etc. its getting really exciting.

i looove crafts, but have never been good at keeping clean. i got pink paint all over my eyelashes (um, yea, how you ask. NO IDEA!!!!). mom thought it was hysterical. we got it all over our clothes, hair, shoes, face, hands. good time, tiring, but ultimately funny.

i cant wait to share pictures as we get things together. its sooooo excititing!!! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

wearing shorts for you dad!!

so i just got home from seeing nights in rodanthe. not what i had expected at all. WOW! i wont say too much in case any of you are going to go see it, but it definitely fueled my day of "daddy thinking". i have thought about dad all day. its funny, all these little things are bringing back memories of him. like this morning. i was brushing my teeth and my head flooded with the smell of listerine mouth wash that i used to smell after my dad kissed me in the morning before leaving for work. or earlier when i was eating peanut butter. i loved how my dad spread his english muffins every morning with either it or jelly. he was so simple. i am so much like him. god damn, where is he. and why is he not back yet. this business trip is lasting a tad too long.

you know i learned a lot about myself and life while he was sick. i learned how to take care of someone else so selflessly, and not care what it takes to make someone smile. i learned how to love trimming my dads nose hairs, his eyebrows, his hair, and feed him. i learned that no matter how bad he looked, smelled or confused he got, he was always the most perfect father and man i will ever know. i learned to love imperfections, and find the best in every situation. i learned to be more patient. i became a better person. i think to learn all that i have at 24 is a blessing. i want to thank everyone that is on team kelley. i celebrate john kelley everyday and am so sad, lost and scared that he is gone. i will never be the same. at this moment i am crying just thinking about all that we have lost and will never again have back. i am sorry for the world.

but, in his memory, even in this 40 degree weather, i am wearing shorts. in his honor. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

bring on the cane and arthritis meds

omg so i am officially inside the month countdown until i turn 25?! JESUS! how in gods name did that happen?! id like to go back to campdowhatyouwant at john gardners tennis ranch, being 16 and learning how to drive, turning 21 and realizing i really can drink that much and survive (sorta, right mom!!!! hahaha), or when i was a teeny little tot with my blonde girls and grumpy 'tude. but 25?!!? NO!

haha, ok in all seriousness i really am happy to be getting older. i love knowing what i like, what i dont, and not being shy about saying what i think. whether it be clothes, politics, entertainment, jobs, friends, boys or life in general, i love having an opinion and knowing that even if its not the same as everyone else's, its mine, and its enough. i like being able to assert myself and feel like i have something to say no matter the situation. i love being educated and smart about the world. i like being financially independent to make decisions, regardless how frivilous. i love knowing who my true friends are, who loves me and who i love. while getting older is so strange, its great.

but honestly 25?! how the hell did i turn 25?!?!? that number looks and sounds so strange. wow.

the best parts of debate #3...

moments like the one to the right!!
the debates this election have been pretty uneventful, aside from all the fun the media is having mocking sarah palin. i, for one, LOVE debates and economic talk, but even as a girl who has studied economic policy for years, they are boring me!!!!!!! last night proved that mccain is a big baby. he needs to learn how to control his emotions. actually, you know what, i take that back. the guy just needs to stop trying to be president. he is 72...pleeeeasse, j. mac go enjoy your houses and cars and relax! you dont need to be president. leave that up to people that have the energy to do it, and have people backing them that are NEVER going to utter the phrase "gosh darn" in public. we are the united states, and we need to show the world why. this picture is the period at the end of the sentence stating why you, mccain, need to wave your white flag to obama.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

book for dad

i recently pitched my book idea around to a few publishing companies and one made an offer. sounds great right?! now, im as much a lawyer as reese witherspoon in legally blonde, but i know when something is off. i read and re-read the contract that i was presented and decided it was a bad deal. that said, im still pitching it, focusing my energy in getting it typed up and completed, and tickled that i am getting it out there. buuuut, i am thrilled that the door has been opened. it is possible!! HAHA!!! sooo daddio, ill get there. may take a little time, but dammit, im getting a book published. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

tongues tongues everywhere!!

ps, no idea why we were implementing such a weird "stick out your tongue" theme in like every picture. but thats us. love you guys!!!

me, flick and ken

so the three of us decided to brave the "lancaster club scene" and go to this exclusive after party...HA!! we were shocked to see how many tweens (white, i might add) want so bad to either be gothic, whores, rock stars, emo, or punk rockers. um, ok, well i give an A for effort. it was the craziest sight...felt like urban outfitters, american apparel, hot topic and every tacky store ever threw up and this was the mess it created. now i LOVE urban outfitters, and love seeing what people put together. but i just cant explain what i saw. EEK! sooo, long story short, we had a blast taking pictures of ourselves all over lancaster just being goofy. please enjoy...
(sorry no pictures of all the craziness we was freaky! and i didnt want to take pics of weird kids that, to be quite honest, scared me)...and i usually LOOOVE unique looks.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

officially a brunette

for a little while now i have been contemplating dyeing my hair brown. fall is coming with a vengeance right now so the change seemed fitting. so, without further adieu....

haha so obviously these are self-taken!! i only got it done about 10 minutes ago, so for now these will have to do. but i LOVE it!