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ilove my iphone!!

i am now officially the proud owner of the ipone5. ok, i admit im a few days late seeing as i got it on friday, but i was having too much fun playing with my mom in PA to post.

its now way too easy to tweet, play with instagram and text friends. i loved my life with my crackberry but its officially 10002932380% more fun with an iphone. mom was right. mom is always right. im not completely used to the keyboard was nice having actual keys a la BB, but i mean those are some  #notrealproblems, am i right?

in other news the marathon is coming up fast and furious. im going to attempt to join the niketown team and run 20 miles on saturday. holy hell. it sounds cool and fun now, but i might die.

happy hump day!

the family grows!

through my crazy CJD journey i continue to meet amazing people who become great friends. the latest is jennifer, who lost her mom a month after i lost my dad. she created an event (i have always wanted to do this!!) to raise money and awareness. she allows you to submit your loved one to be included in the "in loving memory" section tab. jmk is now officially rocking on her site:

in time for our philly marathon run for dad, drew and i will be linking up with jennifer to raise awareness and money. cheers to a FABULOUS cause and FABULOUS friends!!

today i am buddha. or is it ghandi?

on my way to work today a few wise thoughts popped into my head regarding life.

- at some point you should take a job not worth the stress so you know what it feels like when it is.
- always remember you were born into an unfair world and youre going to die in one, so in the meantime fucking have a ball!
- every person should be a bank teller at some point in their lives. the life lessons and general things you discover will stay with you forever. 
- being a little sister is always amazing. even when my bro and i disagree i know how lucky i am that he is forever my big B.
- you will never think you make enough money. and youre probably right.
- coffee is liquid happiness. i dont trust people who function without it. are you a vampire? 
- always remember you are beautiful enough, funny enough and smart enough for everything you want. the boy that doesnt agree doesnt matter in your life.

happy friday!! xoxo

my town.

new york city was always a place of such action, excitement and bright lights. as a kid when we would visit i would secretly love the fact that i never had to go anywhere alone...i mean where they hell was i? when my dad would take a business meeting i couldnt believe he knew where to go. he was so calm and self assured. i guess he already knew what i had yet to learn, but was on my way to knowing: nyc is the most amazing city on the planet, you just have to adjust. and adjust i have. 

as that same young girl coming to nyc, i so vividly remember the things that stood out to me.

1. having to walk through a revolving door to get into work. that was something i thought was only in movies. but in real life? wow.
2. times square. rockefeller plaza. the brooklyn bridge. central park. lincoln tunnel. skyscrapers. broadway.
3. shopping in grand central. grand central period.
4. taxis. how amazing! anywhere you want to go you can go. anytime!
5. empire state building. 'nuff said.
6. the today sho…

because EVERYONE needs to laugh in the AM.

happy wednesday.

cant beat it.

there arent too many things in life better than spending the day with your best friend walking around your old stomping grounds of brooklyn, ny. it was such a fun, special day. bit of football, bit of dog petting and cute boy meeting, shopping and picture taking. the perfect saturday.

"fall-ing" for nyc all over again

its officially fall again here in the big apple. im gearing up for my second fall spent in the most amazing city. im excited for boots and scarves, huge comfy sweaters and cups of hot cocoa. im excited for skiing and ice skating, warm fires and cute boys. that last one somehow always makes its way in my conversations, doesnt it ;)

im excited to run the philly marathon with my big bro. im excited for fall running in central park. fall is so beautiful in nyc and i cant wait to take it all in. autumn beers, cozy bars and thick warm coats; fall is a fn time of year. id be lying if i said i LOVED the cold, but you gotta do it, right? if it means living in this amazing place, i figure i can tough it out.

new york city has become home. ive lived here for about 2 years and havent felt more settled, happy or proud of what i have been doing, who i have met, and the experiences that i have had in a long time. 

i love ny.

bad choices lead to fun nights out

by the time friday night rolls around i am pretty beat. ive been awkwardly touched by more tourists than should be allowed while simply trying to walk to work, have touched, felt and seen more weird shit than you can ever imagine and on more than one occasion, woken up still drunk. nyc is fun.
once you accept that everything you love will eventually kill you, like the sun and trans fats, you start to feel a little more relaxed about a few haphazard friday night adventures. you realize that by living in nyc you are never not going to be tired so you better just put some pants on, grab a glass of wine and hit the open city!
does it really matter that i have 3 weeks worth of laundry to do, have limited edible food in my refrigerator, and haven’t washed my  hair in a year? no, those things have a way of being boring and working themselves out. and i live with 4 girls...we make it work. and i dont like washing my hair anyway. 
so here we go. after a long day at work im going to hit the …

it finally happened!!!

the weekend was exactly what i expected it would be: AMAZING!! from the moment i hugged him outside my apartment on thursday night to the sad moment he kissed me goodbye monday afternoon B and i took new york by storm.

there had been so much build up and so much anticipation for this trip that youd never think it could have lived up to it. well it did.  

all of the chemistry i felt over skype was real and even though we hadnt seen each other in over 5 years we hadnt missed a beat. 

those that know me know how i get with boys that mean a lot to me. i tend to push them away a teensy bit as a way to protect myself. its silly really. here is a boy i really like and instead of saying exactly what i really mean + feel, i joke about being really great friends or act standoffish, among other stupid things. i wish i could say i didnt do any of this with B but id be lying. as i think fondly back to the weekend i realize there are so many things i wish i could have done different, said different or…