i dont even know.

life in the big apple? its good. my mind? its been surfing in LA since friday.
my coworker has been talking about setting me up with her boyfriends roommate in LA for a while. sadly he couldnt make it to NYC for NYE so this past weekend when she was in cali visiting the bf we finally skyped/met and ive officially been distracted ever since.

ok, wait. i officially got distracted again. one of my besties just emailed me asking if i wanted to run the chicago marathon with her. holy fuck! i dont know if ive got that much crazy in me. do i?! i mean, if she and i flew to chicago to run this together that might just be one of the coolest things ever. i think im going to mentally explode.

ok, so thank god for run club tonight. despite my knee acting really shitty and being weird, ive got some motherfucking stress/excitement/crush butterflies/too much coffee in my blood to run out!

blood pressure is at 2080290392039209302930293092!