its that time again...

ok so im due for a hair appointment...which is scheduled for january 28th. that gives me 2 weeks to decide what to do will this hair of mine. keep ir dark? lighten it?

im having a hard time deciding whether to dye it all over dark again, or add some highlights. i dont think i want to go back to blond, but im pretty sure thats what my mom wants. any other option is pretty much "fine. just not you. youre my blonde girl". not sure what to do about that. anyway, i thought i was digging the dark for a change. i mean, for the better part of my 25 years ive been blonde.

so, yea, no idea. i think i just need a new face. ha. but i will definitely take suggestions. and criticism. you know what looks good on thanks ahead of time!!!


hilary said…
really?? did you like it when i first did it...dark like that. no highlights??
hilary said…
haha, you are my hair guru :) haha
mm yes actually i was looking at those pics a few days ago, i did like it that was like dark chocolate...once you get into the midtones it starts to be more common, whereas the dark hair stands out more. however hil, u are beautiful either way. I just think the darker makes u look more mature. :)