tuesday. not nearly close enough to friday.

its tuesday. slightly better than monday, slightly less cool than wednesday. nowhere near as cool as friday.

ive come to not only look forward to but love tuesdays and thursdays for this very reason: i train with team nike and find that it totally breaks up the week. im starting to really long for night runs when its warm out and i can wear shorts and a tank. were about 50 degrees from where i like it, but i did sport shorts this past weekend in 39 degree weather. badass? duh.

all set to run 2 half marathons this month...interestingly back-to-back weekends. CrAzY excited
to run the one im doing on march 17th...jen is coming down!!! this is a pattern i could get seriously used to! the second one, the 23rd, should be fun...its in flushing meadows, which is an area ive done no running in (exciting new paths!)

good lord tuesday, you have been long. going to go run a few miles and then go home and pig out :)