sorry bloggie!

i dont really have a great reason/excuse as to why i wasnt blogging except for the fact that i wasnt really feeling it these past few weeks. a little time off is always necessary in life no matter what we do though, no?! so i guess thats what ill call it.

july 4th is this weekend and i cant believe it. i moved out here 11 months ago. that is nuts!! with one month to go on my lease, i am in serious thinking mode about my next step. so far its involved lots of tears, lots of stress, lots of chocolate and and lots of late night amazing convos with my besties. yep, pretty much the norm :) thanks guys for all the support (team hilary is incredible and i couldnt survive without you). xoxo


Anonymous said…
like the new blog look!
I have been looking forward to new posts, glad you are back on :)