got a lot on my mind.

its a heavy week, thats for sure!

lets get the heavy/sad stuff out of the way first, shall we. thursday is my dads would-be/should-be 60th birthday. its a tragic reminder of what weve lost and what ive give anything to have back. 60! i can only imagine what fun trip we would go on to celebrate, what cool gift i could buy him, the laughs and memories we would no doubt share and the fun run we would go on (runner nerds, yes).

that said, i know hes around...the psychic that stopped me on the street the other day said so :)

ok, ill save the rest of my wallowing for offline. lets get to the lighter stuff! some running buddies and i ran the queens 10k yesterday....then ran 9 miles home. i also ran 12 miles on saturday. wait, am i a runner? whoa.

it was a great idea to drink some coffee before i ran (a new habit this year. usually i just wait and drink it after)...this is NECESSARY!!! what a new founded amazing idea. for those sitting there rolling your eyes as to how i just figured it out, evidently im slow to the uptake. god i love coffee. (clearly it makes me happy, see below).

Photo: mile 4 of 15 in our journey from queens to manhattan. #crazyrunningtales