Every runner knows aches and pains come with the passion for the sport. Im currently in a major phase of aches and pains that just doesn’t want to go away. Seriously, its all bugging me - shins, calves, heels, ankles. Whats up, legs?

I took a week off about 2 weeks ago to see if that would help and it didn’t. It isn’t something where I thought “oh another week or two will help” so im running and just monitoring everything (with strength training, biking, stretching, serious icing and foam rolling), but like whats up. What is seriously up. 

We are just shy of 3 months until our ultra race. Soooooo once everyone gets back from Boston (still sad about that), training will kick up a notch. Or 10. So im going to need my legs to get on board. 

im hoping a few days with my mom back home help to refresh me. Im heading home Friday and while I am sure work will bug me, I will be home all weekend which makes me happier than a kid in a candy store. Knowing I have a 930am train home on Friday is legit one of the things keeping me going this week! 

My mom texted me pics of easter eggs and baskets for us (her boyfriends son, wife and baby will be there too) so dyeing easter eggs, eating candy, running in a new spot and just laughing with loved ones is basically what has me smiling right now.

I will also be spending some time with my newly-turned 86 year old grandmother!! She wants to go to church and just hang out - I can get on board with that :)

It will be a few days of laughing, cooking, sleeping, running and selfie-ing. Or, what I like to call, a perfect weekend with my BFF's.