10 things that never cross a mans mind

* i know! ill write an actual letter explaining how i feel.

* man, i am so in the mood for a sweet little romantic gerard butler comedy.

* if i want us to date for two years and have time together before three kids, with the last one born by 38...god, i need to meet the love of my life tonight.

* i really gotta replace these undies.

* oh, wow, babe, this teapot would be perfect to put away for your mom for next christmas.

* darn this huge penis.

* im boycotting sex until she apologizes.

* two pounds up? no beer for a month!

* no, no, its ok, boss, you dont have to pay me well.

* if you like it, you should put a ring on it!

HAHAHA! had to share this, i just loved it!!!