am i ready to head back to the snow?!

as you may or may not know, i am contemplating a move back east.
this decision is being fueled by a lot of things. here is a little walk through my head: (seatbelts on!!)

* my best friends are in nyc and have wanted me there for way too long
* i love nyc
* i love the east coast
* id have a roomie (and i think i need one...i think its make my life so much more fun!)
* id be a train ride from mom, and drew for that matter
* lets face it, i will find a job. i found a job, an apt, and got my car in 4 days in LA. i think i can do it....

of course there are cons to every pro, and i am able to recognize that. i know it wont be easy or simple, but when in life have i chosen that route?! haha. i work hard. i can survive anything. ive hit bottom in terms of fragility and have been able to work my way through it. im pretty sure nothing, noone and no city can hit me as hard as losing my dad. and for that, i feel prepared for any and all bullshit. look, if i can handle working for dov charney at AA, i can handle nyc.