you know youre growing up when...

your friends start to get engaged. what the hell. when did this happen?! i guess despite all the promises to never grow up that my grandmother always used to make me promise just cant happen. the ultimate is going to be when i finally meet a guy that i love for more than 5 minutes and get engaged then we will know the world really has lost its shit.

ive got one of my best friends engagement parties in about 6 weeks. cant wait. im trying to figure out the most creative, funny, yet amazingly perfect gift. i mean this is a girl i have known since i was like 3. maybe 5. and i cant pretend that i am not super excited to meet her fiances friends...well, ive met most, but his new friends. from law school. ali thinks ill find HIM. considering the last guy i really liked (no, aussie stud doesnt count. nor does the adorbs dude i met out at a dance club. both lovely, both fun. neither are long terms if you know what i mean) sucked ass, things are looking up. i have crushes every 5 minutes...just yesterday i passed a stud riding his bike. i thought about yelling at him for his number...but that just seemed tacky. haha.

the decision has been made. i am moving back to the east coast. ill discuss all my thoughts later (i have poured over everything with my mom and best friends for weeks now. its just a lot to type and im not really in the mood. world cup is on :)) im crazy excited. lots of anticipation and excitement. cant wait to spend tons of time laughing, dancing, eating, talking, and getting into trouble with my bests...all the while drinking too much and soaking up the sun. aaaand, i cant wait to date a great guy. thats right, you heard it here first. id like a nice one. peace out LA boys. some of you were fun. some were gross. and one, well, you sucked. (in all honesty, you sucked a long time ago, it just took me a while to quit you....haha). a special shout out to craig for being my therapist. hes taking bets now that said boy is going to come out pretty soon. haha. god, i need a drink.

happy saturday! xoxo