Friday, November 12, 2010

happy international cjd day!

yea i know, not much of a celebratory day, huh? but it is so important to say prayers of remembrance for those we have lost; prayers of honor for those in the midst of their battle; prayers of strength for all those caring for a loved one; prayers of peace for all those who mourn. we need a cure! i had gotten word that drew was planning to get blood tested in may, and find out if he is carrying the gene.

over thanksgiving, i am planning to have my blood tested and sent to case western. i havent decided if im ultimately going to find out the results (there are countless reasons for why i should or shouldnt), but i think its good to get it tested, regardless. 

heres to finding a cure!!
(updates to come on my blood work...if i get the results!)

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Anonymous said...

you two are braver than me! I couldn't find out, I am of course hoping and praying daily that you both are fine!