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southampton reflection

im obsessed with the matching undies we cousins got this weekend. yes the world should think we are "so hot" when staring at our ass. in bright orange cotton.

im pretty impressed by how much we eat. yea, we rule.

we dom. plain and simple. and yes, dwight, you gay dom.

packing a cooler to sit on the beach and drink was one of the coolest moments ive had in a long time. there is nothing id rather do than hang out with family and play with puppies. with my toes in the sand.

...unless of course its crush on boys. whoa.

if you dont like hammonds pretzels there is something wrong with you. drew, i have no idea what happened to you. :) our family should own stock in that company. or be spokespeople. oo, business opp?

if you are out shopping and people are being pissy, laugh. and tell them that if spending the weekend in the hamptons is their idea of a rough life, they need to reevaluate a few things. having to stand in line at panera to order is no reason to be a bitch. lighten up lady. and get laid. (maybe she should have mozied on over to VS to get some saucy underwear).

watching you tube with family is by far the most hysterical thing you can do. EVER.

there are times when its completely appropriate to drink wine like water. and hit on cops. and break into friends houses and set of their alarm. and eat M&Ms for breakfast. and not shower for a day.

thank you nancy for an incredible pilates workout. holy hell you worked my body. we all walked around the weekend like 98 year old people. whoa.

this weekend heightened my need for a puppy. laura and i think a co-parenting will work :)
man oh man, there is nothing like puppy love.

i need a crush. a good one. suggestions/help welcome.

sometimes you just need your nails painted bright red. toes too.

homemade cupcakes really are the most amazing things on the planet. amazing job ali.

its funny how everything is better with family. youre having fun working out, you eat fun food without going crazy or overthinking it, you get to sit and drink on the beach reminiscing about life then and now, and you get to drink lots of wine laughing about everything imagineable. family makes life magical. you feel untouchable. i found myself looking around the room just being so happy at who was there.

you know your family is cool when they all admit to beiber fever.

its a good sign when you cant possibly fathom going to bed to spend one second away from family.

cant wait to do it all over again soon :) xoxo


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