it finally happened!!!

the weekend was exactly what i expected it would be: AMAZING!! from the moment i hugged him outside my apartment on thursday night to the sad moment he kissed me goodbye monday afternoon B and i took new york by storm.

there had been so much build up and so much anticipation for this trip that youd never think it could have lived up to it. well it did.  

all of the chemistry i felt over skype was real and even though we hadnt seen each other in over 5 years we hadnt missed a beat. 

those that know me know how i get with boys that mean a lot to me. i tend to push them away a teensy bit as a way to protect myself. its silly really. here is a boy i really like and instead of saying exactly what i really mean + feel, i joke about being really great friends or act standoffish, among other stupid things. i wish i could say i didnt do any of this with B but id be lying. as i think fondly back to the weekend i realize there are so many things i wish i could have done different, said different or acted different. then again, im me and i cant have regrets. i will always make mistakes and just have to hope he can see past it.

there were so many highlights to this past weekend. we saw roddick win at the us open (in his last tournament EVER), went to a yankees game, had a hilarious time getting drunk together and reminisced about our friendship and how cool it is that weve stayed so close. i found myself looking at him with such comfort and fondness throughout the 4 days, it was really quite cute. i think he is a fantastic, truly awesome dude and i am so lucky he came to visit. i woke up on monday feeling low knowing he only had a few precious hours before he had to leave. i have such love for him, its a pretty special bond we have. heres to the future...not sure whats in store, but i know its going to be great. 

a few of my fave random pics from the weekend.