today i am buddha. or is it ghandi?

on my way to work today a few wise thoughts popped into my head regarding life.

- at some point you should take a job not worth the stress so you know what it feels like when it is.
- always remember you were born into an unfair world and youre going to die in one, so in the meantime fucking have a ball!
- every person should be a bank teller at some point in their lives. the life lessons and general things you discover will stay with you forever. 
- being a little sister is always amazing. even when my bro and i disagree i know how lucky i am that he is forever my big B.
- you will never think you make enough money. and youre probably right.
- coffee is liquid happiness. i dont trust people who function without it. are you a vampire? 
- always remember you are beautiful enough, funny enough and smart enough for everything you want. the boy that doesnt agree doesnt matter in your life.

happy friday!! xoxo