Friday, February 22, 2013

2013: a year in review. so far

today is february 22nd. we are already almost 2/12 of the way through 2013. i realize that line may sound uber cheesy, but seriously, time fucking flies.

2013 has definitely been a cool year. hard, confusing, sad and stressful, but certainly cool. parts of it have also been special, funny, amazing and sweet. all of that emotion in 2 months? hey man, im a girl. were dramtaic.

go for it!!

ive got high hopes for the rest of the year. there are a few running races in the books, with more to be added im sure. there will be some heading to see my besties in chicago and boston and bro in NC to name a few. im hoping there is a trip to somewhere warm in the near future...i have no interest in resembling a vampire...that shit has been overexposed already.

the moment hasnt happened to me yet where i go to my bank account and theres an accidental million dollars. regardless i take my dads advice to heart..."hil, never miss an opportunity you really want simply because of money". look, i know, its easy for someone to say that when they are financially comfortable (like he was) but its a lesson i always took with me,and one he deliberately knew he was making. i dont have millions...but i do make an effort to do most (i mean i cant do it all) of the things i want to do because its important. i even do some things that may not seem logical/smart/ flying to california or wherever else my life is bound to take me. i dont care...if everything i did was 100% thought out and stayed inside the box i would never go anywhere or do anything. obvs im not not out shopping for designer duds and louboutins...but i am open to take risks and enjoy life. i should moonlight as a preacher, no?

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 so there ya have it smart, but be fun. ha :)

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