a day to remember

this past weekend the world lost a true gem. my dads aunt, my (im not sure technically, but i called her my aunt too) passed away.

i was in BK, on the couch, watching the NCAA semi finals ('cuse vs. michigan) when i got the email from aunt cori letting us all know "she has passed away". while i was having the time of my life hanging out with some of my best friends, for a minute i froze. "omg" was my first thought. not very deep/scholarly/mind blowing i realize, but i really lost all thought for a moment. on the one hand, i view death of those that are really sick as a blessing. the other side of that is that they are now gone...forever.

death is something that has the ability to give us amazing perspective. i looked around alis apt at the moment i got that email and was so thankful that i surround myself with the people that i do. im a lucky girl.

rip aunt jean. i know dad and mac are up there showing you the ropes. ill do  my best to keep  your memory alive as i live my life. you were truly special :)