below is an homage to my favorite time of day: COFFEE TIME!

some of my favorite memories between my dad and i is when id be home for college breaks (be it summer, christmas or any visit at all) and id make sure to not end my day without getting a venti dark roast coffee for my dad to heat up in the AM. unfortunately starbucks in lanc didnt open until about 6am and i wanted my dad to be able to wake up to amazing coffee.

he was legitimately thrilled to have the bux in the AM. i was happy to be up with him and drink some too. black coffee...the way pops and i drank it.

its a simple memory of mine, one that makes me smile even to this day. any time spent with my dad was extraordinary. truly extraordinary. he was a simple guy and moments like this were pretty precious.

now a legit coffee addict myself, i get to remember my coffee dates with dad any time i enjoy my own cup. its bittersweet (ha, almost like coffee itself!). what i wouldnt give to drink some coffee with my dad any of these days. ah well, hes in my heart and on my mind anytime i take a sip.

coffee really does taste like heaven. the feeling it brings is just an epic bonus. and why i survive each and every day :) haha.